Lincoln Park is a borough located in Morris County, New Jersey. It is a community that truly cares for its residents and works hard to provide people living in Lincoln Park with a family-friendly environment. Walking paths, farmers markets, healthy restaurant options, and wellness networks are all ways that Lincoln Park shows its commitment to the health of its residents. At ChemTec Pest Control, we are committed to providing the eco-friendly pest control services that the residents of Lincoln Park need to keep their homes and businesses free of New Jersey pests and the harm they can cause. Contact us today to learn more about any of our effective, affordable solutions to pest related problems.

Common Pests In Lincoln Park, NJ

Mice Control in Lincoln Park, NJ

Mice are a big problem for New Jersey homeowners. They are referred to as ‘commensal’ rodents because they tend to depend on us for food and over time, as we have invaded their living space to create ours, they have somewhat come to rely on us for sources of shelter, and water as well. But, just because they want to share our food, doesn’t mean that we should allow them to. Mice can be responsible for causing structural damages, spreading bacteria and disease, contaminating food, and introducing parasites into your property. At ChemTec, we understand how important it is to remove mice that have made their way into your Lincoln Park home; getting rid of a mouse infestation as quickly as possible will help to protect your family, your home, and your belongings. To eliminate mice from your home, our mouse control experts will: identify and block entry points, place baits and/or traps in appropriate places based on our experience with rodent behavior, remove trapped rodents and re-bait traps, and work with you to rid your home of these dangerous pests as quickly as possible.

Protect Your Lincoln Park Property from Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a destructive species of ant. They commonly make their way into properties through cracks in the foundation and gaps around windows and doors as they forage for food sources. Once inside, they may decide to stay and create satellite nests behind your walls and underneath your floors. Tunneling through your property’s structural wood while creating their nesting areas can lead to significant and costly structural damage. They will also contaminate food sources in your kitchen, your pantry, and other food storage areas. To get rid of damaging carpenter ants found living in or near your Lincoln Park property, our certified technicians will provide a thorough inspection, treatment to eliminate them, and point out areas that may be attracting carpenter ants to your property to help prevent future issues with these destructive pests. The best part about our carpenter ant control service is that it can be customized to your needs; carpenter ant control service can be completed on its own or it can be added onto our year-round pest control services!

Avoid Stinging Insects in Lincoln Park, NJ

Stinging insects, while beneficial to the environment, can become a danger for you, your family, and your pets if they build their nest in, on, or near your home. The venom from a hornet, bee, or wasp sting is powerful enough to cause a severe and sometimes life threatening reaction in some people. And, let’s face it; even if you aren’t highly allergic to their venom, their stings really hurt! If there is a stinging insect nest located on your property that you feel needs to be removed, it is important to first contact a professional. At ChemTec Pest Control, our experts have the skill and experience necessary to safely remove a nest on your property; we can correctly identify and provide the care that protected species like honey bees require, while helping to keep you and your family safe!

Protecting Lincoln Park Homes and Businesses Since 1931

ChemTec Pest Control has been in the business of pest control since 1931, and our longevity and experience in the pest control industry is what our customers have come to depend on. We are committed to our customers and committed to providing the most advanced, effective, and environmentally sound pest control services possible for Lincoln Park homes and businesses. To provide continuous pest protection, we offer year-round pest control programs for both residential and commercial properties. Our PestGuard Home Protection Plan provides year-round protection against common household insects and mice through quarterly service visits: spring, summer, fall, and winter. During our quarterly visits, our professionals will perform inspection services, implement control and preventative measures, and provide detailed reports. Through this plan you will also receive free emergency response and our money-back guarantee!

By choosing ChemTec Pest Control to take care of your Lincoln Park commercial facility’s pest control needs you can count on:

  • Local, responsible, reliable, year-round commercial pest control services that are comprehensive and cost-effective.
  • The full commitment of our entire ChemTec team.
  • State certified and licensed technicians that are continuously trained to make sure that only the best and most advanced pest control techniques are being used at your facility.
  • Periodic visits by our Quality Control Supervisors.

To learn more about ChemTec Pest Control and how we can help to protect your Lincoln Park, New Jersey, residential or commercial property from pests, contact us today!

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