Fair Lawn is a beautiful suburb of New York City located in Bergen County, New Jersey. Fair Lawn is a diverse community that offers the people that reside in it a little bit of everything; a great school system, parks, historical sites, recreational facilities, and an excellent community center to help bring everyone together. The professionals at ChemTec know how much you love and take pride in your Fair Lawn home and want to help you to maintain it through our excellent pest control and lawn care services; whether you are having a problem with weeds, ants, or raccoons we can help! That is why we are the clear choice for pest control & exterminators near you in Fair Lawn, NJ.

Pest Problems Happening Right Now In Fair Lawn, NJ

Home Pest Control In Fair Lawn NJ

What is the best way to protect your Fair Lawn home from pests like ants, spiders, crickets, cockroaches, flies, and centipedes? The answer is with the help of someone who has the passion, commitment, and necessary experience needed to effectively and safely control and prevent pests. At ChemTec we can provide you with all those things through our home pest control services.

Our PestGuard Home Protection Plan provides fast, customer-focused, reliable, and effective home pest control services to protect your home. The PestGuard program provides quarterly visits; each visit will have a different focus depending on the season and the pests that are active during that particular season. Spring, summer, and fall treatments are focused outdoors, while the winter visit’s focus is on the interior of your home.

ChemTech Pest Control is a leader in New Jersey when it comes to green pest programs and using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to help prevent and control pests while using the least amount of insecticides as possible. IPM is accomplished by implementing exclusion techniques to keep pests out, strengthening sanitation practices, and keeping in mind the life cycles of pests. For more information about our organic pest control services and the use of botanical or low impact pest control products to control pests in your home contact us today.

Lawn Care Services For Your Fair Lawn Home

When you first purchased your Fair Lawn home and looked at your new lawn, you probably couldn’t wait to start mowing and maintaining it. Now that you are a few months or years in you may have discovered that taking care of your lawn is more time consuming and difficult than you first imagined, that is where we come in. ChemTech has lawn care services that are both kid and pet friendly available to give your lawn a make-over and get it looking it’s absolute best!

Our All Green Lawn & Nutrition Program is a completely natural solution to lawn care; it provides customers with 7 customized visits throughout the season. Natural fertilizers and calcium feedings are used by our experienced professionals to maintain your lawn and/or shrubs.

Our Green Plus Lawn & Shrub Nutrition Program is a more comprehensive service and includes everything in the All Green program but with the added benefit of weed and insect control services.

We also offer the following services to help make sure that your lawn is the greenest in your neighborhood:

  • Poison ivy control
  • Landscape feedings
  • Weed control
  • Mosquito and tick reduction
  • Turf insect control
  • Grub control
  • Core aeration and overseeding

Wildlife Removal Services in Fair Lawn, NJ

Wildlife species invading homes and properties is a very common problem for Fair Lawn residents. Squirrels, birds, bats, raccoons, and garden pests generally all live either on or within close proximity to Fair Lawn properties and may take advantage of easily accessible food, shelter, and water sources.

Outside of your home wildlife will tip over outdoor trash cans, dig through gardens and compost bins, and destroy your lawn. Inside of your home, they will chew through wires, pipes, insulation, leaving behind trails of urine and excrement, contaminate food sources, destroy personal property, and introduce bacteria and diseases.

Problems with wildlife should only be handled by professionals; they are wild animals and if they feel threatened, they will defend themselves, usually by biting and scratching. Through ChemTec’s animal control services, our wildlife experts can quickly and humanely locate and trap any species that have decided to take up residence in your Fair Lawn home. We can then suggest environmental changes to help prevent future problems with New Jersey wildlife.

ChemTec Can Solve All Of Your Pest Needs

ChemTec Pest Control is a local pest control company that has been serving the needs of New Jersey home and business owners for over 80 years. We provide industry-leading, top of the line pest control services, great customer service, flexible scheduling, same day services, and of course, we guarantee your satisfaction!

ChemTec prides itself on being able to offer our customer’s the services that they need to solve any pest problem. In addition to residential pest control services, lawn care services, and animal control services we also offer the following: 

If you are looking for  “exterminators near me” or “pest control near me” in Fair Lawn, NJ, look no further than ChemTec Pest Control. Our qualified team of experts can handle a variety of pest infestations. To get started, contact us today or schedule your free inspection

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