One of the most desired cities in Bergen County is Englewood. This New Jersey city lies just 10 minutes from New York City, but has the quaint, hometown feel of a small town. Whether you take a stroll through Flat Rock Brook Nature Center, meander through the shops and restaurants in downtown, or purchase fresh fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market on the corner of Demarest Avenue and North Van Brunt Street, Englewood is a great place to call home. However, pests like beesmicetermitesmosquitoes, and many more love to call Englewood home too. It is a good thing that Englewood residents have access to a nationally recognized leader in the pest control industry that is QualityPro certified. ChemTec Pest Control stands ready with the latest technologies and materials and the Integrated Pest Management protocols to safely eliminate pests and the issues they cause. Plus we have the education and experience to recognize entry points and harborage sites and deal with those as well. It is possible to live a pest-free life here in Englewood, New Jersey, when you partner with ChemTec Pest Control for your pest solutions.

Common Pest Problems In Englewood, NJ

Home Pest Control in Englewood, NJ

One of the best ways for Englewood homeowners to protect the equity of their homes and the health of their families is with ChemTec’s  PestGuard Home Protection plan. No pest is ever a good pest to have in your home because they can cause extensive damages and can bring illnesses to you and your family. Stinging insects, rodents, and cockroaches don’t stand a chance when PestGuard protocols are in place. In fact, PestGuard Home Protection includes a 30 point inspection, preventative measures, management reports, a money back guarantee, and free emergency response, and it covers the most common pests you will encounter in Englewood, including stinging insects.

Keep your home and family here in Englewood safe by partnering with the powerhouse pest control company, ChemTec.

Wildlife Removal in Englewood, New Jersey

While it is true that Englewood, New Jersey, is a city with homes, businesses, and a great downtown shopping district, there is still a need for wildlife services. Wildlife will often encroach upon homes, shops, and offices in search of food, water, and shelter endangering the health and safety of family members, customers, and employees. This is why ChemTec Pest Control has wildlife specialists on staff. Our trained and certified technicians can deal with your wildlife issues in a safe and humane way leaving your home free from the destruction and disease wild animals may cause. If you are dealing with rodents, batssquirrels, raccoons, groundhogsskunks, or pest birds, ChemTec has the resources and protocols to safely remove and relocate these pests to a more natural environment. Help us keep you safe and those cute little woodland creatures out in the wild where they belong. One call is all it takes.

Englewood Mosquito Control & Tick Abatement

Two of the most dangerous pests that Englewood home and business owners will encounter are mosquitoes and ticks. Both of these pests can make you very ill with a wide variety of diseases including Lyme disease, the West Nile virus, the dreaded Zika virus (which is now being locally transmitted here in the U.S.) and many more. One of the best and only defenses that we have against these pests and the diseases their bites transmit is to partner with a trusted pest control specialist for mosquito and tick abatement services. ChemTec Pest Control offers professional solutions for Englewood residents in the fight against these harmful pests. There is no way to completely eliminate mosquitoes or ticks, but by reducing the number of mosquitoes and ticks on your property you significantly reduce the risks of bites and illness. Our specialists can identify and target nesting and resting sites helping to significantly reduce populations on your property and to limit the exposure of these pests to you and your family. Give us a call today to see how we can affordably help you to combat mosquitoes and ticks in Englewood.

Three Reasons to Choose ChemTec Pest Control

There are many reasons for Englewood, New Jersey, residents to choose to partner with ChemTec Pest Control. Guaranteed services, emergency response teams, and affordability are among them, but let’s take a look at the top three reasons why ChemTec should be your choice for pest protection in Englewood.

  1. Experience. ChemTec professionals have been dealing with local pest issues since 1931. That is over 80 years of experience in local pest pressures. There is no match for that kind of hands-on training. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we know how to safely apply materials and where to place them for effective results. We haven’t met a pest that we couldn’t handle. When pests come calling you want the best in the business; for Englewood residents – that means ChemTec.
  2. Leadership. ChemTec Pest Control is a nationally recognized leader in the pest control industry which means that you can expect your pest issues to be handled with the latest protocols and technologies by highly trained and certified specialists. Pests never stop, and neither do we. Our employees undergo extensive training and have countless hours of field training in order to deliver the best possible service to you. When pest pressures are closing in, you want reliable, safe, effective solutions from one of the industry’s top professionals. ChemTec can answer the challenge.
  3. Trustworthiness. You would not trust your family or your business reputation to just anyone. When those you love or your reputation is at stake only the most trustworthy name will do. ChemTec Pest Control has built our reputation and the trust of our customers over the past 80 years as we have served our community with superior products and guaranteed services. Our focus has always been and always will be you, our customer. We work hard to ensure that you receive only the latest and most reliable technologies and products available to combat whatever pest pressures are present in the safest way possible. There is no other name that Englewood residents trust more for pest control than ChemTec. Just take a look at our reviews on Angie’s List, Yelp, or contact the Better Business Bureau to see for yourself what our customers say about us.

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