The Borough of Cliffside Park, NJ is a vibrant place, full of the life and energy that flows along the Hudson River. With spectacular high-rises looking across the river at Manhattan, it’s is easy to see why so many incredible people choose to invest in and call Cliffside Park home. In our continuing efforts to help keep Cliffside Park’s neighborhoods beautiful and enjoyable to live in, ChemTec Pest Control offers a variety of services to eliminate pest problems as they arise and to set up pest protection plans for property owners who want continued monitoring and care for the investments they value. If you live in Cliffside Park, remember who to call with your pest control needs: ChemTec Pest Control.

Common Pests In Cliffside Park, NJ

Residential Pest Control Services in Cliffside Park, NJ

For homes in Cliffside Park, the frenetic pace of life in and around a city can mean that sometimes the little things can get overlooked, like an ant crawling across the floor, or that squirrel that likes to hang around in the backyard. Well, perhaps it’s no big deal when you’ve got a million things to juggle, but the risks that pests can pose to our homes and their occupants are very real. At ChemTec Pest Control we understand that you can’t always address pest problems yourself, and in some cases, we’d suggest that you shouldn’t even try. For homeowners on the go, or properties that are facing pest problems and need a path to freedom, we have the answer. Our PestGuard Home Protection Plan offers a flexible yet powerful deterrent against furry, creepy, and flying pests. With careful inspections, expert analysis and advice, proven treatments, and a commitment to success, you can rest easy knowing your Cliffside Park home is safe from dangerous and damaging pests.

Damage Carpenter Bees Can Cause in Cliffside Park, NJ

Maybe you don’t think of bees as a pest that is likely to hang around your Cliffside Park house. Wasps and hornets, sure, but don’t bumblebees prefer meadows and rotted trees? Well sure they do, but what you think is a bumblebee may actually be a carpenter bee, a pest much more at home in your home. While not very prone to sting (the more bold males don’t even have stingers!), carpenter bees like to burrow into wood to make their nests, and are commonly found invading the siding and eaves of houses. Distinguished from bumblebees by their shiny black abdomen, carpenter bees’ strong jaws dig right into wood, and given enough freedom can compromise the integrity of a board. Carpenter bees also attract woodpeckers, which is a far worse pest to have drilling into your home. If you happen to notice small piles of sawdust underneath your eaves, or see these bees and their holes, call ChemTec Pest Control. While not aggressive, carpenter bees will defend themselves, and without the proper equipment and know-how, they may survive treatment. Call ChemTec today so that these damaging pests don’t run rampant in the sides of your house.

Bed Bug Control in Cliffside Park, NJ

Bed bug control, like any pest control, consists of two elements: prevention and removal. If you’re lucky, prevention will be the only step you’ll ever have to think about. Bed bug prevention consists mostly of good habits for keeping bed bug from walking through the front door. That’s right, bed bugs almost always enter your house through the door, because rather than seeking a place to live and then looking for food, they stick with their food source, which is us, and then make their home close by. Here are some wise practices that have been proven to lessen the chance of bringing bed bugs into your Cliffside Park home:

  • Be aware when out and about that bed bugs could be literally anywhere that people are. Inspect seats and places where you plan to spend time for bed bugs before settling in.
  • When traveling, guard your luggage and personal items. Never bring luggage into a hotel room until you have thoroughly checked for bed bugs. If they are found, get out!
  • Make your door the last line of defense. Wash purchased clothing, as well as clothing that you have worn out in public, in hot water to kill off bed bugs. Avoid purchasing used furniture if at all possible, especially mattresses.
  • Know what to look for, and where to look. Bed bugs only grow to 1/4 inch, and like to hide in tiny crevices that offer concealment and protection. Seams of mattresses and furniture, bed frames, night tables, rugs, baseboards, and even electrical sockets may hide bed bugs.

If bed bugs are discovered in your home, it’s time to think about removal, and that means calling for professional help. DIY treatment methods are rarely successful, and bed bugs are incredibly gifted at survival. At ChemTec Pest Control, we have the expertise and equipment to come to your aid in removing bed bugs. With treatments designed to hit fast and hard, and a commitment to follow-through, ChemTec will make sure that hitchhiking parasites have no place in your Cliffside Park home.

Protect Your Cliffside Park, NJ Home from Termites with ChemTec Pest Control

Though commonly known as a terror to have infesting and destroying your home, many people don’t think to protect against termites. In fact, it is often only when the floor begins to sag or a maintenance project uncovers a section of ruined framing that homeowners discover they have termites. Consider the risks, and whether you want to be paying up front to protect your Cliffside Park home, or potentially paying thousands of dollars to repair it. At ChemTec Pest Control, we utilize the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, an incredibly effective baiting system that is designed to wipe out entire termite colonies, not just wandering foragers. ChemTec will inspect your property to determine if treatment is needed, and will respond quickly to put Sentricon® with Always Active™ to work if it is needed. Cliffside Park houses many fine homes and many homeowners who want to enjoy them for years to come. Don’t let termites cut into the safety and value of your home, call ChemTec Pest Control today.

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