Cedar Grove is located in Essex County and has been ranked as one of the “best places to live” in the State of New Jersey. To protect this popular residential suburb from common area pests like bed bugs, carpenter ants, termites, and others that also call Cedar Grove home, turn to the New Jersey pest control experts at ChemTec Pest Control. ChemTec has been in the pest control business since 1931 and we all take great pride in being leaders in the pest control industry. We offer a wide variety of affordable, environmentally friendly and effective home pest control services for our customers to choose from. Find out today why over 6,500 homeowners trust ChemTec Pest Control with their home and family’s pest control needs!

Common Pests In Cedar Grove, NJ

Residential Pest Control in Cedar Grove, NJ

What is the best way to stop ants from foraging for food inside of your Cedar Grove home, to stop spiders from taking up residence in your home’s closets, and to stop the assortment of other household invaders from making themselves at home inside of your New Jersey house? The answer is easy; partner with the pest control experts at ChemTec Pest Control! We have the effective, eco-friendly and affordable year-round pest control services needed to evict current unwanted visitors and to stop future unwanted visitors from being able to find their way inside your home. Through the PestGuard Home Protection Plan, our professionals will provide quarterly service visits where they will complete a thorough inspection, implement control and preventative measures, and provide you with detailed reports. You will also receive free emergency response and our money-back guarantee. Contact us today to put a stop to unwanted insects, rodents, and other pests living inside of your Cedar Grove home!

How to Identify Carpenter Ants in Cedar Grove, NJ

Carpenter ants are the largest house-infesting ant found in our area. Carpenter ant colonies can either be found inside or outside, all that they really require is access to moist, decaying wood to nest in and a consistent food source to feed their colony with. The first sign of a carpenter ant infestation either on your property or in your home is usually seeing large black ants in your home, especially in kitchen areas, as they forage for food. They can also be found wandering around gardens, walkways, decks, and porches. Another sign of an infestation is finding winged carpenter ants that have swarmed from their colony to mate crawling on your home’s walls, windows, or doors. Another indication of a carpenter ant infestation is finding piles of “sawdust” like material that the carpenter ants have kicked out of their tunnels in places like crawl spaces, basements, and underneath of wooden structures like decks. If you notice signs of carpenter ants on your property, contact us at ChemTec Pest Control immediately. Our professionals know how to correctly identify a carpenter ant infestation and will use appropriate measures and materials to completely eliminate a colony from your property. Contact us today to learn more about our highly effective carpenter ant control services for your Cedar Grove home!

Bed Bug Prevention Tips for Cedar Grove, NJ Residents

Bed bugs are a very stubborn pest to eliminate from any New Jersey property and these parasitic pests are definitely not one that can be eliminated with DIY concoctions that are found on Pinterest. To eliminate these pests from your home you need the help of a professional. The experts at ChemTec can provide the effective services needed to eliminate any size infestation from any size Cedar Grove home. In addition to our professional services, the following tips can help to prevent bed bugs from overtaking your home.

  • Bed bugs move from place to place by crawling onto people, their clothing, or inside of their belongings. Therefore when out and about, never leave coats, bags, purses or other personal belongings on the floor.
  • Before bringing your belongings into a hotel room while traveling, always inspect the room first for signs of bed bugs. Never leave luggage on the floor and when personal items are not being used keep them in sealed plastic bags.
  • Vacuum your home often and make sure to tackle the edges of rooms where the baseboards meet the floor and the seams in upholstered furniture and around mattresses and box springs.
  • Complete routine inspections of your home, inspecting bedding, mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture for dark streaks, blood spots, or shed insect skins.

Give us a call for more information about our bed bug control services.

Learn How to Protect Your Cedar Grove, NJ Home from Termites

At ChemTec we have over 80 years of experience providing effective treatment for termites, eliminating them from properties and preventing their return. To begin eliminating a termite infestation, our highly trained technicians will look for termite damages, adult termites, and termite tunnels. If termite activity is discovered, the technician will give you a price estimate and service agreement immediately. ChemTec Pest Control offers the following termite elimination and prevention options for homeowners to choose from depending on their home and property’s unique needs.

Termite control options:

  • The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ – Sentricon® with Always Active™ utilizes discreet bait stations which are placed on your property around your home’s perimeter. The system begins to work immediately, quickly eliminating every member of the colony. This method of termite elimination is extremely effective, eco-friendly, non-invasive, and once the colony is eliminated, it remains in place to continuously monitor your property for termites and prevents a re-infestation.
  • Termidor Termite Protection – Termidor is the number one liquid termite control product used in the U.S., and can fit the unique needs of different homes.
  • Termiscope System – This system is a patented warning system that includes routine inspections from our professionals and feeding stakes that are installed on your property.

Contact us today to learn which termite control option is the right solution for your Cedar Grove property!

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