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Carpenter bees are one of the most misunderstood pests a homeowner can face. These large bees are easily mistaken for bumblebees because of their size and black and yellow coloring, but this is a mistake a homeowner should be careful not to make. Bumblebees and carpenter bees do not behave the same way. Bumblebees don’t bore holes into the wood of a home and create tunnels.

Mistaking carpenter bees for mostly-harmless bumblebees is only one of the ways carpenter bees are misunderstood. A single carpenter bee will only create a tunnel that is about a foot in length. This leads some to think that they aren’t much of a threat. But carpenter bees come back year after year and expand old tunnels. If a home is being attacked by several bees, and this damage is expanded upon each year, it can lead to significant issues; tattered rooflines, weakened steps, weakened railings, damaged support beams, and general wood damage that can make a home look unsightly. So, when carpenter bees appear, it is important to get rid of them.

 Getting Rid Of Carpenter Bees

If you do a search for: “How to get rid of carpenter bees,” on the internet, you’re going to get a lot of opinions. Some folks swear by carpenter bee traps that simulate a carpenter bee hole and lure these bees in and trap them inside. Some say to play loud music near an infested area to cause the carpenter bees to flee their holes so those holes can be sealed up. You’ll find people using vacuums to suck these bees up, and all kinds of other direct methods to trap or kill them. The sad truth is, none of these methods will ensure that all the bees are gone and that no more damage is being done to the property. Do-it-yourself methods are not followed up by a professional inspection, and cannot guarantee the removal of these pests.

Effective Carpenter Bee Removal

When these insects bore their way into the wood of a home, it is necessary to exterminate them with pesticides and seal their holes. This is a process best taken care of by a pest control professional. Pesticides can be toxic to humans and pets. But, the greater danger is accidentally sealing a live carpenter bee inside her tunnels. Female carpenter bees, the ones that bore tunnels for their nests, can do more damage to a home if they are sealed inside and have to tunnel their way back out. A professional knows what products to use, how to apply those products according to all safety guidelines and industry best practices, and when to apply these products for effective results. And, as mentioned above, a professional will follow up with an inspection to make sure the process was a success.

Carpenter Bee Prevention

Before carpenter bees invade, it is possible for a homeowner to resist them. These bees prefer to attack wood that is unstained and untreated. While staining and painting wood is not guaranteed to keep these wood-destroying pests away, it can go a long way toward deterring them when they come to infest in the spring.

If you have construction materials on your property, you may be attracting these bees. It is best to keep construction materials far away from your home, and refrain from storing them permanently on your property.

Damage caused by carpenter bees can appear as quickly as overnight. If you’re seeing holes developing, or frass (sawdust) building up in areas around your home, contact a pest professional immediately.

If you’re in our New Jersey service area, let ChemTec help. Not only is our team of pest professionals one of the best in the industry, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. And, it isn’t one of those complicated guarantees that is a few dozen pages long with fine print on each page. It is a simple as this: if you have any more trouble with your pest problem during your warranty period, we’ll come back and re-treat at no charge to you. If you’re still not happy after the re-treatment, we’ll give you your money back. When it comes to wood-destroying pests like carpenter bees, that’s the kind of service everyone should have. This is one pest you want to make sure you get the first time. Get guaranteed results with ChemTec Pest Control.

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