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ChemTec's Blog Posts with the Tag: "brown recluse spiders"

10 September

Brown Recluse Spider Prevention in New Jersey

Have you ever wondered if that spider in the corner of your closet is a brown recluse? Here is all the information you need about these spiders in order to prevent an infestation and protect yourself and your families from their venomous bites.First of all, brown recluse spiders are not native to New Jersey. However, [...]

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23 November

What You Need To Know About Poisonous Spiders in New Jersey

If you own a home in New Jersey it is important to be aware of the creatures that can get into your home, especially if those creatures can harm you. In this article we are going to look at poisonous spiders. Fortunately, we really have only two. Here they are, in all their creepy splendor. [...]

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