I still remember the very first research assignment I was given once I declared my college major: Is Communications an Art or a Science? The first of many weeding-out exercises given where our professors expected numerous citations for proof of whatever case we stated. Funny thing is that I have no idea how I answered back then, but when I think about it now (and this question comes to mind often about all types of subjects) I always come up with the same definitive answer: YES.

As I look at the world, most things are both an Art and a Science. That is what I love about the world of pest control, entomology, and of course fly-fishing. Nature is clearly a science, but still so full of artful beauty. The study of insects: Science. When you witness this science: Art.

Which brings me to Dragonfly Mating.

I’ve been kayaking for many years. Dragonflies love my ChemTec Pest Control green kayak and visit me on many leisure and fishing trips. This past summer was the first time I was treated to dragonflies mating.


I won’t go into the heavy biology part of the mating, but as you can witness from the video, the science is quite beautiful.

  • The heart-shaped form created by the mating process is called a wheel formation and is unique to Odonates (damsel and dragon flies).
  • Many species perform this mating process in the air!
  • A body of water will support many species of dragonflies. However, the male must identify his species in the sea of odonates for mating.

Now for the reality: Dragonfly mating can be a very rough and unromantic affair. Nothing new in the insect world. But being witness to the scientific process is witnessing art.


Mary Vongas is the President of ChemTec Pest Control. In her spare time, she is an avid gardener and outdoors enthusiast.