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Blog Posts in the Category: "Spiders In NJ"

24 September

What You Need To Know About NJ Spiders [Infographic]

What You Need To Know About NJ SpidersTypes Of Spiders In NJHouse spidersWolf spidersBrown recluse spidersBlack widow spidersWhy We Don't Want ThemThey're just plain scaryBites can be venomousWebs are unsightlyThey're hard to controlHow To Prevent SpidersSeal openings around the exteriorKeep woodpiles stacked away from the homeReduce clutter in the homeRemove webs that you seeMaintain regular [...]

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21 May

Are Spiders Springing Up Around Your NJ Home?

Spring is the time of year when all different types of insects become more plentiful and active. For a pest like the spider who feeds on these insects, this time of year means that they have hit the jackpot. For homeowners, the increase in spring pests also means a significant increase in the number of spiders in [...]

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03 November

Seasonal NJ Pest Control Treatment Eliminates Spiders

Decorating your northern New Jersey home with wispy spider webs and creepy spiders is part of the fun on Halloween; but if you’re still seeing spider webs in the corners and spiders crawling down the wall after the holiday is over, it’s time to call a licensed New Jersey pest control company. Spiders are one [...]

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