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Blog Posts in the Category: "Home Pest Control"

new jersey pavement ant

19 March

When Will Ants Start Returning to Union County Lawns?

In New Jersey, the cold weather is starting to pass. The warm spring air will bring people outdoors to spend their time enjoying their yards. And the ants will start marching once again along sidewalks, driveways, lawns, and perhaps even inside your…

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moth in flour

27 February

Dangers of Pantry Pests Inside Union County Homes

A universal truth about humans, we all value the quality of our food. Pantry pests threaten that quality. When we go to the store and pick up a bag of rice, we are not hoping to find any hidden extra ingredients. We want what the package states…

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fleas in new jersey homes

19 February

Early Flea Prevention Steps for New Jersey Residents

Fleas, fleas, everywhere! They can be so frustrating. For the most part, pets are responsible for flea infestations, but you can also get them if you don’t have any pets at all.

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rodent in union county home

25 January

How Mice and Rats Get Into Union Country Attic Spaces

Keeping your Union County home protected from rodent invaders is probably not always the first thing on your mind every day. We all have jobs to do, things to take care of, and stuff that needs to get done on a daily basis, so it’s not…

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carpet beetle in new jersey home

16 January

What’s Eating Up the Clothing and Fabric Inside My Home?

As you’re getting ready to put on one of your favorite, long-sleeved sweaters and, as you’re putting an arm through one of the sleeves, you notice a spattering of small holes decorating your once fashionable sweater? Unfortunately, this…

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raccoon in the snow

28 December

Preventing Winter Wildlife Threats from Invading Your Morris County Home

Many pests invade Morris County homes during the winter. One of the main reasons several warm-blooded pests break-in is because of the shelter and warmth that homes provide for them. Another reason these pests might invade is to find food; as the…

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