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flea up close

06 December

Why Pets in New Jersey and New York Could Still Be at Risk of Fleas

Are you still protecting your pets from fleas? We aren’t out of the clear yet! Fleas are very active during the summer and fall months, but with the right conditions, they have the potential to be year-round pests.

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mouse on a leaf

30 November

Why Rodent Problems in Morris County Should Be Left to Professionals

No one likes the idea of rodents getting into their Morris County home, but for too many people in the area, it becomes an unpleasant reality that they have to deal with.

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women vacuuming home

29 November

Fall Flea Prevention for Union County Homes

Picture this: You’re sitting on the floor in the living room of your Union County home, playing a game with your kids. Your dog is lying on the carpet beside you but sits up suddenly to scratch around his collar. At the same moment, you…

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spider in basement

28 November

Keeping Common New Jersey Spiders Out of Your Essex Home This Fall

When it comes to spiders, there is much that makes each kind unique. Some are hairy, some are smooth. Some are big, some are small. Some walk, some jump (ugh). Some are harmless and some are poisonous.

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box elder bugs on window sill

27 November

Keeping Your New Jersey Home Free of Fall Nuisance Pests

It’s not too late, you can still avoid fall pests like box elder bugs, lady bugs, and stink bugs - from taking over your home this winter!

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entomologist looking at a slide under a microscope

16 November

Dangerous Tick Species Comes to New Jersey This Fall

In the Northeast, particularly in the New Jersey area, we’ve been conditioned over the last several years to be diligent about being aware of deer ticks as they are known carriers of Lyme disease. Just when we are starting to understand the…

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