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carpenter ant crawling in mulch

16 May

Common Carpenter Ant Problems

When we are spending time outside, few of us are particularly alarmed by the occasional ant that makes its way across our blanket or over the chair that we are lounging in. We have a tendency just to brush it away and not give it another thought…

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12 May

Be the Change

You know someone with mental illness.

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image coming soon

08 May

ChemTec Pest Control Goes Green for Mental Health Awareness Month

The company's blogs, social media posts, bill inserts and technician leave-behinds will talk about Mental Health.

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engorged tick on dog

03 May

Protecting Your Dog from Ticks

As you may have already heard, entomologists are predicting a spike in Lyme disease this year in the northeast. A mild winter has caused an increase in oak tree acorn production, which has resulted in more white-footed mice because acorns are their…

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technician protecting property from mosquitoes

26 April

Tips to Avoid Mosquitoes This Spring

It is nice to finally see winter in the rearview mirror. Although winter was relatively mild, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing we can finally put away the shovels and snow blower, pull out the flip flops, and enjoy more time outside…

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groundhog looking for food source

20 April

Problems Groundhogs Cause

Groundhogs are also known as woodchucks and are basically giant rodents. They're between one and two feet long and can weigh as much as 10 pounds. They dig quite impressive tunnels to live in. A groundhog burrow may have as many as five entrances and…

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