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carpenter ant burrowing in wood

11 May

Are You Seeing Carpenter Ants?

It is hard to miss the fact that you have carpenter ants when you see a line of them traveling across your floor to eat the pet food in your kitchen, but most homeowners aren't lucky enough to have such a recognizable sign. In fact, most homeowners…

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mosquito biting human in new jersey

26 April

Spring Pest Arrive In New Jersey

Spring is here and it's time to start thinking about pest prevention, protect your home and family today!

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bed bug technician

21 April

Bed Bug Control – the Do’s and Don’ts

It is a heart-wrenching fact that do-it-yourself bed bug control can end with loss of property, but as bed bug infestations continue to increase in numbers and frequency, so do reports of DIY mishaps.

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bed bug crawling on bed

28 March

Bed Bugs Found In Livingston, New Jersey

Are you waking up with red, rashy welts on your body? Do you suspect you might have bed bugs? If you live in Livingston, New Jersey, one of the many communities we serve throughout New Jersey, the first question you probably want to know the answer…

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chemtec lawn care professional

14 March

What Is Professional Lawn Care?

The word lawn care used to mean hiring that young entrepreneur down the street who borrows his parent's lawn mower to give your grass a not-so-perfect trim. Lawn care may even make you think of someone who has turned a side-thing into a job where he…

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ants crawling towards dinner plate

29 February

It’s Still Winter, Why am I seeing Ants in my house?

Let’s talk ants! Yes, that's right, we are going to talk about ants in your house while it is still winter!  You see ants are not just a summer pest problem; they can be a problem for homeowners all year-long, even smack dab in the e of a…

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