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tick crawling on skin

08 August

Dangers Ticks Pose to New Jersey Residents and Pets

A few decades ago, ticks weren’t a pest that people gave much thought. You might occasionally hear about them, but they were certainly nothing you worried about each time you stepped outside.

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mosquito on water

31 July

Seven Essential Tips for Mosquito Protection in Union County

If you read our March blog on how to prepare for mosquito season, you're already armed with some helpful information about what attracts mosquitoes to your yard and how to prevent attracting them. In this blog, however, we're going to focus on some…

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technician at residential home

31 July

How To Pick Pest Control Services

No home or business owner wants to have pests like insects and rodents creating problems in and around their home or business, but the fact of the matter is that, unfortunately, pest problems are almost unavoidable; this is due to the fact that pests…

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bed bug on skin

25 July

Why Summer Bed Bug Infestations in Morris Are a Serious Health Concern

As if we needed any more reasons to avoid bed bugs, a recent Penn State study has confirmed that bed bugs can, in fact, transmit disease.

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termites damaging wood

20 July

Summer Termite Prevention for Essex County Residents

During the summer months in Livingston and throughout Essex County, termites are a serious threat for property owners because summer is the season when subterranean termites are most active. Let's take a look at the environmental factors that boost…

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flea on skin

19 July

How Fleas Could Be Getting Inside Your NJ Home

Fleas are a huge nuisance and present health risk to humans and pets alike. In this blog, we want to discuss the risks factors of having a flea infestation and some of the most common mistakes homeowners make that allow fleas to gain access to their…

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