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rat on a wooden rail

19 October

What Higher Fall Rodent Activity Means for Essex Residents

Rodent activity increases in the fall. This can mean big problems for Essex residents. As the weather turns colder, rodents such as mice and rats begin looking for shelter which is warm and dry.

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bed bug on a sheet

12 October

Fall Pest Prevention Tips for New Jersey Residents

It is common sense to say that fall pests come with fall weather, especially in northern regions such as New Jersey. While arming yourself with hot chocolate and warm sweaters in order to brave the cool, brisk air is important, it is also important…

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cockroach in new jersey home

10 October

Tips to Protect Your Home and Kitchen from Cockroaches This Fall

Fall, in particular, is a time when many people tend to spend more time in the kitchen to use up all of the recently picked apples for the upcoming holidays. You may have extra pantry products left over from last year, but you will want to inspect…

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fruit fly on a napkin

05 October

Preventing Fall Fruit Fly Invaders

During the fall there can be an influx of fruit flies due to the harvest season, which makes produce more readily available.  If you are seeing fruit flies, most likely they came in on fruits or vegetables that were infested with eggs or larvae…

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mosquito in morris county

28 September

Why Mosquitoes Are Still a Problem for Morris County Residents

Mosquitoes will continue to be a problem for Morris County residents well into the fall this year. Mosquitoes thrive in hot weather, preferring temperatures around 80 degrees. This unusually warm New Jersey summer has not only given them the heat…

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carpenter ant on a rock

21 September

Avoiding Carpenter Ant Damage for Union County Homes

Carpenter ant damage can be destructive and can go on for a long period of time before Union County homeowners become aware. As fall approaches, homeowners might think that the threat of carpenter ants diminishes, but that is not the case.

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