Learn More About Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles? No, we’re not talking about four British guys singing on your rug; we’re talking about another kind of beetle invasion–those disturbing household pests that can cause damage to your belongings. But there are ways to keep them from invading your home.

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What Are Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles are little, mottled beetles of black, white, and yellow coloring. They are approximately 3.5 cm in length, and females can hide up to 100 eggs at a time inside cracks and crevices of a home. These eggs only take one week to hatch and, as a result, carpet beetle populations can grow quickly. If the larvae of carpet beetles get into stored foods, it could cause alarm and distress.

The “Dangers” Of Having Carpet Beetles

  • Carpet beetle larvae can cause damages as they feed on a wide variety of substances. They will eat everything from dead insects to hides, crumbs, lint, felt objects, soiled clothing, milled products and pet foods.
  • Carpet beetles eat natural fabrics. If you have a carpet beetle infestation, many items in your home could be at risk, items such as clothing, carpets, curtains, ornaments, and blankets. If you start seeing holes in these types of items, you may have carpet beetle larvae hard at work. And be aware, moths eat various holes, but carpet beetles eat in one big section.
  • Carpet beetles love to nibble on hair, for its essential oils. Because of this, they sometimes crawl into bed with a person and chew on their hair while the person is sound asleep. And some folks will develop an irritating rash if these beetles crawl across their body. These rashes are sometimes mistaken for bed bug bites since carpet beetle rashes have raised bumps and are extremely itchy, the same as bed bug bites.

Before getting into how to prevent these irritating insects from getting into your home, let’s look at why they are getting in, in the first place.

Carpet beetles are cold-blooded creatures. Because of this, when the temperatures begin to drop, they will look for warm places to be. When they get into a home, it is often because they are hanging out on the sunny side of a structure, find a crack to hide under or inside, and work their way into the warm wall voids. From there, they find their way inside, where they are sheltered from the cold. And all of that warmth makes them more than happy to stay and multiply.

Carpet Beetle Prevention Tips

There are several things you can do to prevent carpet beetles from invading, or from their populations growing when they do get inside. Consider trying all of the following. But be aware, if you already have an infestation, it is likely you will need the help of a professional to totally take care of the problem.

  • Have all your clothes dry cleaned, or at least put them in your washer on the hottest temperature. This will kill any carpet beetles on your clothing.
  • Thoroughly vacuum all carpets and carefully dust and vacuum all furniture items, and pantry shelves as well. Do this on a regular basis to eliminate food sources and vacuum up any bugs or larvae that might be present. This will reduce carpet beetle populations if they have already invaded.
  • Make sure to keep things in the light. Carpet beetles thrive in dark places, so keeping things lit may deter them from hanging around.
  • If you are bringing plants or flowers inside, make sure to check them carefully for hitchhiking bugs.
  • For food items, make sure to keep things stored either in the fridge or inside tightly sealed containers. If carpet beetles get into your home and they find nothing to feed on or nothing to feed their offspring, they will not survive as long.

Professional Pest Control Services

Here at ChemTec Pest Control, our technicians are dedicated professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment and proven materials to resolve pest issues. And they have earned the QualityPro seal of excellence from the National Pest Management Association. If you need help with carpet beetles or any other household pest, you can trust the team at ChemTec to take care of those pests. Every time.

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