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Which Is Worse, Termites Or Carpenter Ants?

It is never good to have hundreds of insects chewing away at the wood of your home, but in the grand scheme of things, which is worse: termites or carpenter ants? If we were to judge purely on size, carpenter ants would be the clear winner. But it is best if we don't jump to any rash conclusions. An issue as important as this demands close, and unbiased, consideration. So, let's break it…

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Carpenter Ants Or Termites?

So you think you have a veracious wood eating presence in your home or on your property? Can’t seem to figure out whether its carpenter ants or termites? Here are some ways to determine what really is causing your problems.

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Advice For Millennials Buying A Home

Are you in your 30s and looking to settle into a permanent home? Are you feeling the itch to grow roots? You're not alone. More and more millennials are taking the leap. With unemployment rates for adults ages 25 to 34 falling to 5.4% in February from a high of 10.6% in October of 2009, many millennials are feeling empowered to start building some equity.

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Spring is Hiding Something

Spring is a wonderful time filled with laughter and joy, a time made for throwing frisbees and hosting backyard barbecue parties. The snows of winters have all but faded away and smiles can be seen on the face of every boy and girl. Almost everyone is thankful for spring if only just for the warmer weather and absence of snow. But don’t be fooled, spring is filled with hidden miseries…

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