centipedes in New Jersey often invade homes

Centipedes have a flat, long segmented body and range in color from yellowish-gray to darkish-brown. They have one pair of legs per body segment, and depending on the species can have anywhere from between 15-150 legs.

Are centipedes dangerous?

Centipedes are not considered to be dangerous. They do have the ability to bite people, but will very rarely ever do so.

Why are centipedes in my home?

Centipedes generally live outside in moist areas, but when it rains over a long period of time or rains very heavily, they will look to move indoors after the ground becomes too saturated with water. They will more than likely enter through cracks in your home’s foundation.

What do I do if I find centipedes?

Centipedes are nocturnal and will hide during the day in the damp, dark areas of your home. For this reason, it can be difficult and time consuming to try to control them on your own. At the first sign of centipedes in your home, contact a professional pest control expert.

Can ChemTec get rid of centipedes?

Yes, ChemTec can get rid of centipedes from your home through our year-round home pest control services. With year-round services, our technicians can eliminate your current centipede problem and then provide routine pest control services to prevent future issues with them and other common household pests.

Centipede prevention tips

There are some easy things that you can do around your home in order to prevent centipedes from invading it.

Centipede prevention tips include:

  • Seal any cracks or crevices that are visible in your home’s exterior walls or foundation.

  • Seal gaps found around pipes and utility entrances.

  • Keep gutters clear to ensure that they are working properly and are directing water away from your home.

  • Keep logs, rocks and other organic materials away from the exterior of your home.