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small brown deer tick

22 March

What You Need Know About Ticks This Summer

With the warm weather approaching, it’s important to remember the potential dangers that seasonal pests harness, most importantly ticks.

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mouse in pail

20 March

Mice Will Leave My Home In The Spring... Right?

In the fall, all pests have one goal in mind. Find shelter. Winter is long and cold, and the average mouse doesn’t want to be caught outside in it any more than people do, so they will quietly hunt for that one place where they know that they…

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green lawn near new jersey home

08 March

Now Is The Time To Start Lawn Care Service

Things are starting to warm up here in New Jersey. If you haven't signed up for lawn care yet, now is the time to do so. Spring is about to spring, and your lawn needs certain things to help it get lush and beautiful quickly. One of the most…

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subterranean termites found near new jersey home

28 February

Differences Between Termites And Carpenter Ants

Have you come home to find little winged insects crawling around on the outside--or worse--the inside of your home? It can be a disturbing experience for sure. But, before you get out the Hoover and simply vacuum them up and think you're done with…

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dragonflies mating

17 February

Dragonfly Love….Is it an Art or a Science?

I still remember the very first research assignment I was given once I declared my college major: Is Communications an Art or a Science?     

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squirrel looking for food during winter

15 February

5 Reasons You Don’t Want Squirrels in Your Home

Many people don’t think squirrels are a problem when they are hanging outside. Aside from squirrels swinging from your bird-feeders and swiping from your garden, are they a bigger threat than they may appear? Yes, squirrels can cause quite a…

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