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carpenter ant found near new jersey home

21 October

Year-Round Pests Need A Year-Round Solution

Don’t let your guard down this fall and winter and think that you are safe from the harmful effects of unwanted pests. Protect your home year-round by partnering with the trusted team here at ChemTec for all of your pest control needs.

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mouse found in saddle brook home

14 October

What Is An Overwintering Pest?

It is that time of year again; when bugs and rodents are going to try to make your home their "winter" home. Why? Because they don't know your house from a hole in a log. Here are a few things you may not know about overwintering pests.

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cockroach on a dirty dinner plate

30 September

Cockroaches In Saddle Brook New Jersey

It is hard to miss all of the cockroach stories in the news lately. Aside from the standard stories about bug spray harming humans, bug spray exploding, cockroaches causing businesses to close down, and more, the latest story seems to be about…

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charlie in morning

28 September

What happens when a creative mind exterminates bugs for a living?

During the day (and sometimes in the evening) all of us at ChemTec have a primary goal of protecting the people and property that are important to our customers. And, as with every family, each of us in the ChemTec Family has our special interests…

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stinging insect on top of nest

22 September

Why Are Stinging Insects So Aggressive in the Fall?

During the early summer months, hornets and yellow jackets rarely come out and sting people. So why do they become so aggressive during the late summer and fall? The reason has to do with how they spend their time in the summer versus what…

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black widow spider near pvc pipe

09 September

Spiders to Avoid In New Jersey

There is nothing fun about opening a box in your closet or attic and seeing a spider. It can make even the bravest among us leap out of our skin, but not all spiders are created equal. While some spiders in New Jersey are definitely scary, some only…

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