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christmas mouse

05 December

Time To Get Out The Christmas Decorations

This time of year is so special as we get to spend quality time with our family and friends. We always look forward to the holidays, and they are approaching quickly. It will be so much fun to go into the attic and take out all of the holiday…

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turkey ready for thanksgiving

20 November

How To Avoid Bed Bugs This Thanksgiving

What will you have in your home this Thanksgiving? Is there going to be turkey? Are you sure to have something made with cranberries? Will there be friends and family? These are all great things to have in our homes for Thanksgiving. But no…

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mouse hiding in new jersey kitchen

15 November

Fall Mice Prevention Tips

As the colder months approach, our homes are going to be under serious attack. You might not even realize it until it’s too late. Cool days and colder nights are sending us indoors, but are also driving pests such as mice into the shelter of…

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flea on gray background

09 November

Avoiding Fleas This Fall

Every pet owner has experienced it. You look lovingly over at your favorite furry pal only to see them frantically scratching and scratching repeatedly. It’s the telltale sign that they’ve got fleas. We all know that fleas are a…

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restaurant kitchen

31 October

Tips To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Restaurant

A single cockroach sighting in your restaurant can ruin your reputation and cause your business irreparable damages. A cockroach carries with It the idea of uncleanliness, and with good reason. If a health inspector should see a cockroach in the…

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bed bug biting new jersey resident

27 October

Does The Fall Weather Impact Bed Bugs?

A common question asked of our pest control professionals is whether or not bed bugs are affected by the changing weather. This question makes a lot of sense because we see a die-off of summer pests like mosquitoes as the weather gets colder, so it…

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