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mouse seeking entry point into home

18 January

A dangerous Houseguest

A mouse might not look super threatening with their dark beady eyes, long whiskers, and small furry face and body; but mice are a big threat to homeowners and need to be eliminated from homes at their first sign. Are you thinking to yourself…

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raccoon looking for food

08 January

Raccoons. They're just cute and fuzzy, right?

Although raccoons are adorable little creatures, with their little, masked faces and tiny human-like hands, they are far from harmless. When raccoons take up residence inside your attic spaces and wall voids, they can be very difficult to remove…

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black widow spider

31 December

Spiders Common To New Jersey

Spiders can be found in just about any corner of the world. While there are several species in New Jersey, the more commonly found spiders include the common house spider, wolf spider, black widow spider and the brown recluse spider.

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raccoon making a mess

18 December

Who Was That Masked Man?

This famous line from The Lone Ranger conjures up images of an elusive cowboy stranger who does his heroic good deeds then disappears into the night. He is the kind of masked bandit that we love to have around. However, there is another kind of…

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mouse rolling a christmas bulb

15 December

Keep Mice Out This Winter

Can you believe that it is December already? It seems like only yesterday that you were watching the new birds hatch from their eggs; the flowers emerge from their bulbs, and the grass sprouting from beneath the soil. Your biggest concern was how to…

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christmas tree and stockings

14 December

Don't Get Bed Bugs for Christmas

You may not be able to control whether or not your aunt will give you another pair of knitted socks for Christmas, but you do have control over whether or not you will receive bed bugs as a gift this year. You might be thinking, "Who would give bed…

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