As leaves start to turn into the beautiful colors of autumn in New Jersey, neighborhoods in Bergen and Passaic counties are likely to start to fill with hordes of mice looking for somewhere warmer to live and reliable sources of food to eat when the weather turns cold. Be assured – where there’s a mouse, there is bound to be more, especially during the colder months of the year.

How to Keep the Mice Out

Fall may be a wonderful time of year for enjoying the beauty of the outdoors but if the outdoors starts invading your indoor space, you can quickly end up with an unpleasant infestation. As a property owner, it certainly will help to keep up with outside chores, to minimize hiding spaces and sources of food which initially attract the mice.

Home foundations often develop cracks and holes over time. Rodents can get into spaces smaller than a dime so it is vital all areas of cracked foundation are properly sealed. Check over your windows and doors to make sure weather stripping is in good condition and no spaces are evident which would permit a mouse to enter.

Outside landscaping is also an important part of mouse control. Tall grasses and overgrown gardens are an ideal hiding space for a small mouse. Areas close to doors make it easy for mice to slip inside unnoticed. If you keep a wood pile to heat your home, relocate it away from your house. Mice like to live in stacks of firewood and the pile will become an attractant.

On the inside, mice are attracted to available food sources, including pet bowls, pantries and cabinets. Make sure to clean up after every meal, refrigerate leftovers and wipe away crumbs. Keep the sink and counters free of dirty dishes and trash. Ensure your garbage can is frequently emptied and employ a tight-sealing lid for both indoor and outdoor trash bins to keep pests out of the trash.

Call In the Pros for Efficient Mouse Detection & Elimination

Leading up to the months of fall, it is wise to call in professional help to make sure mice infestations aren’t already happening in and around your home. You may not see direct evidence of mice living indoors until major damage occurs. Mice enjoy chewing on wires and other materials, causing holes and even more serious issues, like electrical damage.

To avoid serious issues caused by these pesky rodents, contact ChemTec Pest Control for a full evaluation. Our NJ rodent control team can head off a mice infestation before it becomes a problem. With our experience and reliable equipment, we will evaluate the situation and put multiple treatments in place to prevent additional mice from entering your home. Mice already taking up residence will be effectively eliminated so you have peace of mind you deserve.

Our routine monitoring and treating of high risk areas on your property will be a vital part of regular pest control. Even if you are diligent in your duties to prevent mice from entering your home, there is always the potential for one mouse to quickly turn a problem into a serious situation. One mouse breeds many and our experienced technicians are well-equipped to solve your mouse problems for good.