Thanksgiving is for traditions, and Yiayia’s Greek Rice Stuffing is the only stuffing I have ever used in my Turkey. Bread Stuffing was foreign to me until I was in my 20s! Not only is it great for our holiday turkey, but also during the year to stuff other whole birds. Of course, Yiayia didn’t have a recipe…and I don’t have one either…so feel free to adjust for your liking!


2 T Olive Oil


3 Large White Onions thinly chopped


3 cups White Rice (I use Jasmine)


3/4 cup pine nuts


….and here’s where it gets subjective…


a fair amount of Celery Salt


a little bit of Pepper


a fair amount of Garlic Powder (but not too much)


a whole lot of Paprika…the rice should turn out with a pink-ish


a nice amount of Onion Powder


one Tablespoon of Sugar


a little Basil…just a little


a little Oregano…just a little


a nice amount of Parsley


Heat olive oil in very large skillet. Add onions and cook until they become soft and translucent but not brown. Wash rice in water, drain and add to skillet. Stir and let rice start to brown without sticking to the pan bottom. Once rice is brown, add pine nuts to heat slightly…just a few minutes. Add spices and mix. You need to add quite a bit in the spice department here….as a guide, you’re probably looking at least 3 Tablespoons of Paprika. Add water. Bring to boil and cover. Do not disturb until it is done. Because I make such large batches, I occasionally have to add water….probably a bit culinary no-no, but it works.


Stuff bird once cooled. This stuffing is best when it gets the juices from the bird. We also put stuffing under the bird as well.