It is an age old tradition! You see a mouse scamper across the baseboards of your kitchen and let out a scream. Your poor husband comes running thinking that he is about to find you severely maimed or dead, and instead he sees you standing on the kitchen chair hopping up and down so hysterical you can’t even speak. Your husband, being the hero he is, captures the rodent and puts it out before coaxing you down from your perch attempting to calm your hysteria. The problem is, that little mouse is a smart little guy and he just turns right around and runs to the back of the house where a tidy little hole of about ¼’’ exists in your foundation, and he runs right back into your walls to meet up with the hundreds of friends that are waiting for him there.

This whole scenario plays out again a few days later. This time your husband decides to purchase some of those handy spring loaded traps. He sets a bunch all around your house in order to get those pesky squinty nosed little rodents and restore sanity to his household. The problem is that he sets them in the open, baited with tasty cheese thinking that this will surely do the trick. He awakes the next morning only to find that the cheese remains placed upon the traps exactly where he had put it. Not a single trap has been sprung. Frustrated and a bit dejected because he just wants to be your hero, he does some research and realizes that he has placed the traps in the wrong place. Mice generally scamper across somewhat sheltered areas in search of food. They are far too smart to be tempted by that cheese on the trap in the middle of the kitchen floor. So, he places the traps behind the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. He puts a few more along the wall line behind the microwave stand and bakers rack. Satisfied, he settles into bed for the night.

Along about midnight, he wakes to you pounding on his arm telling him you heard a ‘snap’ in the kitchen. He trudges down the stairs to find a trap sprung and thinks he has won a glorious victory that night. Thinking he is the victor, he returns to bed. Alas, sleep is going to evade him this night. You wake him again around 2 a.m. terrified by another snap. He again races down to the kitchen to find yet another mouse. This is when it all begins to make sense. With a bit more research, he realizes that where there is one mouse there are usually hundreds more. Traps will never be enough to do the job.

Still determined to be your hero, his next step is to call a professional for help. Smart idea! The professional comes that very day and successfully eliminates the rodent problem. Your husband lives happily ever after knowing that he saved the day and that he is your hero for life.

This is a nice tale, but the truth is that it is often impossible to eliminate mice on your own. Here at ChemTec Pest Control we have the experience and expertise to deal with mice and many other pests. If you are facing a battle this fall with mice in search of a warm home to spend the winter in, let our professionals make your home a fortress against these pests, allowing you to have a pest-free, sane winter.