When it comes to treating pests around your home, you want to be sure you aren’t exposing your family to anything harmful, which is why many pest control companies have started using natural, organic ingredients. Fortunately, these methods can be highly effective, without the damaging chemicals. ChemTec Pest Control provides pest control services in New Jersey and is the local leader in green programs for residential, commercial, and educational customers.

What Does Organic Mean for Pest Control?

Technically, the term organic is meant to describe anything that contains carbon. However, in terms of pest control, the word organic is used for products that do not use any man-made chemicals and use natural ingredients instead.

Benefits of Organic Pest Control

In addition to a safer environment for your kids and pets, pest control companies who use organic products provide you with several benefits.


  • Better for the Environment – Many leading pest control products use chemicals that work hard to kill anything that tries to get close to your home. This sounds nice until you consider the damage it can do to everything else in its path. Organic pest control is much healthier for your plants because they often use food or plant-based oils to keep pests away.
  • Long Term Protection When chemicals are repeatedly used to treat for insects, the insects begin to build up a resistance, which means new chemicals need to be introduced to remain effective. Organic pest control is biologically based, so there is no need to make changes after repeated treatments, and the bugs will continue to stay away.


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