Rodents are made to chew. Their incisors never stop growing and they are strong enough to chew through steel mesh. This can make keeping them out of your home a frustrating task–especially if they are motivated to get in.

Rodents are also known to carry many unpleasant diseases that can be spread to humans. If you have rats and mice crawling around your home while you’re sleeping, those rodents will be on the counters, on the table and other areas where you eat and prepare food. They will also be inside your cabinets, using those teeth to get into your food. This can present a serious health risk for families.

We recently got this message from a resident in our coverage area and we’d like to use it to describe a condition most people don’t recognize about a rodent infestation:

“We’re looking to really “RODENT PROOF” the house. We’ll catch the mice, then 8-9 months later we’ll get another batch. They keep finding a way in the house. We need someone to really go through the entire basement, and perimeter of the house to search for where these things are coming in. One of us has a true phobia to the mice, and can’t take another infestation…”

Whoever wrote this message really “gets” it. Once rodents chew their way into your home they are going to keep showing up. You can lay down a hundred traps and throw out rodents every morning and never stop the problem. Entry points need to be sealed to prevent those pests from continuing to enter. But there is another point to take note of in this message. The homeowner states that they catch the mice that are getting in, and then go 8 to 9 months before another “batch” gets in. The truth is, you can have mice continuing to live in your walls and not know it. They don’t always leave signs of their presence. If you have a way for mice to get in and out of your home, they may forage outside and not leave chew marks in your food packages. They may nest behind your pantry and never make thumping noises in the walls near your bedroom. They may not leave droppings in the back of your drawers and cabinets. But even though you see no sign of rodents in your home, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have them scurrying around at night and leaving harmful bacteria wherever they go.

At ChemTec, we have certified technicians who are educated in the behaviors and habitats of rodents. They are continually kept up to date on the most advanced pest control options and are geared with state-of-the-art pest control equipment. When you want to know for sure that no rodents are entering your property, you can trust our ChemTec specialist and our home pest control services. You’ll get routine visits all year long and get reliable feedback on pest pressures present on your property. When it comes to protecting your home from rodents, ChemTec is the right choice.