There you are minding your own business, sneaking in a little midnight snack, and why not you deserve it! Then all of a sudden you feel it, something just ran across your barefoot, or did it? A few days later you are again minding your own business and go to open the utensil draw in your kitchen and you see them out of the corner of your eye, the same thing that ran across your foot a few nights earlier, roaches! Somehow cockroaches have invaded your sanctuary; and in addition to causing your anxiety to go through the roof because now all you feel is something running across your feet, arms, and legs wherever you go; they can cause some real dangers for you and your family. Remember before weaseling their way into your home to crawl throughout your kitchen, in drawers, over counters, and inside cabinets and the pantry, those same cockroaches were living in sewers, dumpsters, and other unsavory places.

The germs, diseases, and parasites that they can pick up on their body can cause serious health consequences for people. Roaches are known for transmitting diseases like salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. Also, their shed skins and feces can cause allergies and asthma in young children, along with older people or people who have compromised immune systems. Basically, a cockroach infestation in your home is very bad news and these invasive, disease spreading pests need to be prevented against as much as humanly possible!

The pest control professionals here at ChemTec Pest Control want to help you protect your home and family from these very dangerous pests by providing you with the following  tips to help stop cockroaches from invading your New Jersey home:

  • Cockroaches are attracted to dark, warm, humid areas in homes and other buildings. Make sure to repair any leaks in the basement, bathroom, or kitchen areas. Reduce humidity levels by using air conditioners or dehumidifiers.
  • Cockroaches often hitchhike their way inside boxes, bags, and packages; inspect items that have been mailed or delivered to your home for roaches before bringing them inside.
  • Make sure to remove trash from your home on a daily basis and store the trash outside in a trash can with a locking lid until trash collection day.
  • Wipe down kitchen counters and sweep kitchen floors on a daily basis.
  • Wash all dirty dishes before going to bed.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices found in the foundation and exterior walls of your home; install door sweeps and make sure that all door and window screens are intact. Seal spaces found around pipes, cables and other utilities entering into your home.
  • Keep pet food in plastic containers with airtight lids; pick up uneaten pet food each evening.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum in your home, especially in storage areas like basements, closets, and cabinets.

If these invasive pests ever do find their way into your home, it is best to contact the professionals for assistance. You may be tempted to Google some DIY remedies, but they will be ineffective for several reasons including that roaches are extremely resilient, they will feed on almost anything, they are active at night, they hide in the hard to reach/see areas of your home, and they reproduce very quickly. Also DIY remedies never really address the way cockroaches are getting into your home, and by not solving the root of your cockroach infestation there will surely be a re-infestation.

At ChemTec Pest Control we offer a solution to cockroaches that will not only make sure that the entire infestation is eliminated, but will also ensure that a re-infestation will not occur. We provide our homeowners with the relief that they want from cockroaches through our residential pest control services. Trust our experienced professionals and our pest control solutions to eliminate cockroaches and other pests in your New Jersey home!

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