Thinking you have bed bugs and thinking your car is about to run out of gas have one thing in common—they both need immediate action. He who runs out of gas will be walking and he who has bed bugs will be scratching. Most people have either been exposed to bed bugs, are currently exposed to bed bugs or will be exposed to them in the future. These pesky bugs are prevalent and can be found in every corner of the United States.

You work hard all year, looking forward to those well-deserved two weeks of vacation. The house is cleaned, bags are packed and you head out with a well-planned itinerary. Security went as well as could be expected at the airport with luggage checked in and stacked together along with other passenger’s luggage. Motels have been carefully selected; reputation, cleanliness and price all weighing into the decision. Upon arrival, everything looked so fresh and clean at the motel that you never even thought about inspecting the room. It had been a long day and you were more than ready to unpack your suitcases and retire for the night. What you did not know is that bed bugs were now accompanying you on your trip.

Vacation ended all too soon and you arrive back home to your clean house, unpack suitcases and crawl into that comfortable, familiar bed. And then the next morning your world comes crashing down as you see red bites on your body and tiny bugs on those clean, white sheets—you have brought bed bugs home with you! What are you going to do?

Let’s first discuss what NOT to do…do not drag your mattress out to the trash pile. Throwing your bed clothing and mattress away is not the answer to eradication of bed bugs. Suddenly you remember something about bed bugs being treated with a special type of heat treatment. Again, do not attempt to design or implement your own heat treatment program.

This is the time to contact ChemTec Pest Control to rescue you from bed bug invasion. ChemTec will provide you with a check sheet and list of things you can do prior to the technician arriving for treatment. Completing everything on the list will prevent a wasted trip and will save you a $60 fee. You must assume everything to be infested which means everything must be washed in hot water, dried and sealed in plastic bags. Then you are ready for vacuuming. Following the checklist thoroughly will ensure that your ChemTec specialist will perform a successful treatment.

Bed bugs are seriously among the worst souvenir to bring home with you. If you think you have bed bugs, contact the pro’s here at ChemTec and let us bring your bed bug misery to an end.