When you see a cockroach or mouse running through the kitchen, you take action immediately. You smoosh the bug, set a trap for the mouse, or maybe you call a pest control expert to get rid of the issue. Once it’s done, you go about your daily life and don’t think about it again – until you see another pest, and you repeat the process. Dealing with pests after you see them is one way to control the number of pests in your home. Maintaining a year-round pest control solution is another way – a method that offers many benefits over one-time control solutions.

Pest-Free Home

The number one benefit, and the reason millions of families across the US are getting year-round pest control, is a pest-free home. Annual service plans deliver the appropriate pest control treatments during every season of the year to keep your home free from pests. You won’t have to walk through spider cobwebs, spray your kitchen for ants, sweep up dead bug carcasses from the basement, or remove silverfish and other creepy crawlies.

Reduced Insecticide Use

You may shy away from an annual or year-round pest control program because you don’t like to use more insecticides than you absolutely have to – but you may be surprised to learn that an annual program actually reduces the amount of insecticides needed at your home. With year-round pest control programs, ChemTec technicians will work primarily on the outside of your home in order to keep pests from getting inside your home in the first place. During the initial treatment, we’ll eliminate existing pests inside your home, but after that – spring, summer, and fall treatments are done outside, with winter treatments applied inside, to help you minimize the amount of insecticides needed inside your home.

Access To Pest Control As Needed

For homeowners on a year-round pest control program, you have access to pest control providers as needed. If you see pests in between scheduled visits, you can just call and one of our technicians will visit and take care of it – at no additional charge to you.

Pest Control Cost Savings

A year-round program has the added benefit of being more economical over treating pests as you see them. If you call for service for more than one pest a season, you’ll end up paying more for a one-time treatment solution than you would be paying for an annual program.

Want to learn more about what ChemTec does for year-round pest control customers in New Jersey? Take a look at our annual home pest control solutions and give us a call when you’re ready to get started.