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31 October

Some Things That Do NOT Work To Get Rid Of Mice

So you have mice. You've seen the evidence: little brown pellets in the back of your silverware drawer, tiny footprints in the flour that spilled on the counter, and grease marks along your baseboards. And, of course, the scratching and chewing noises you keep hearing inside your walls as you desperately try to fall asleep. [...]

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04 October

Why You Should Be Concerned With Common Fall Pests In NJ

Keep your NJ home protected from the many common pests in our area.  We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls lately regarding the fall bugs and other pests that are common in our area. People are seeing carpenter ants inside their homes, stinging insects on their property and rats and mice in their kitchens. [...]

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12 December

Why You Should Worry About Mice In Your NJ Home

Mice are small pests that can cause major damage to electrical wires and other household itemsDespite their small size, mice are actually one of the most damaging and costly pests to invade homes throughout New Jersey and all across the United States and unfortunately, each fall these rodents make their way into New Jersey homes [...]

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15 September

Fall Weather Prompts Mice to Seek Indoor Shelter

With the weather turning chilly, New Jersey home owners aren’t the only ones reaching for a toasty blanket at night. As soon as temperatures start dropping, mice begin seeking shelter from winter’s coming cold inside New Jersey homes and buildings. New Jersey mouse control experts say mice typically begin invading northern New Jersey homes in [...]

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