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08 July

Save NJ Forests From Foreign Insect Invaders!

Every forest is important to our earth’s ecosystem. Even our local NJ forest makes a difference to the ecosystem. When foreign insect invaders make their way into our forest it can start to change the entire forest. Every forest has its own ecosystem that supports animals, plants and insects. Take away or add a new [...]

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26 January

What Does Green Pest Control Mean?

For Mary Vongas, President of ChemTec Pest Control, it goes far beyond standard pest control procedures. It is a way of thinking that has influenced her business practices, her customers, and even her employees.Integrated Pest Management is the core of Chemtec. It is an environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that considers the life cycle [...]

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13 January

Benefits Of Organic Pest Control

Have you been thinking about acquiring pest control services for your home, but you’ve been hesitant because of concerns for the environment? Then ChemTec Pest Control is at your service! Our GreenTec Home Pest Protection program offers effective year round control from annoying and damaging pests while utilizing the most advanced procedures and techniques in [...]

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