Summer is warming up, and the pests around your home are just getting started. Every day their numbers increase and their forces grow stronger. They march through your grass, crawl through your soil, fly through your airspace and squeeze in through your cracks. You can find them dancing on your hamburgers, swimming in your pool, swinging from your chandeliers and dangling next to your back door. If they aren’t driving you crazy yet, it won’t be long. Here are some summer pests you can expect to see loitering around your property.

Ants: Next to flies, ants are probably the rudest of all insects. They climb all over food that doesn’t even belong to them. And, don’t get me started on the topic of “personal space.” Get a clue, ants!

Wasps: These insects can be a real “pain in the neck.” As their populations increase, you will see more wasps lumbering through the air and sniffing around your lawn furniture. Be careful when you take a seat or pick up a glass of juice. Many stings happen by accident.

Millipedes: Probably not the brightest of bugs―and they are mostly harmless―so people don’t usually freak out when they see a millipede. But when it rains, and these pests start crawling on the walls and ceilings by the hundreds, it can get a little creepy. Just sayin’.

Centipedes: One centipede is one centipede too many. This crazy-legged critter, with its twitchy personality, can freak out even the most stalwart of people. If it would just lay off the caffeine and drop a few dozen legs, it wouldn’t be so bad. But in its current condition, this is not a critter anyone wants hanging out at the barbecue.

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