Spiders in NJ are moving inside! Is your home protected?

Spiders, spiders everywhere! At least that what we’re hearing from our customers. If you’ve got spiders in NJ, you’re not alone. They’re inside your homes, on your property and you may be getting very sick of feeling like you can’t turn around without seeing another spider. We feel your frustration! Spider control in the summer is tough, but the NJ pest control pros at ChemTec can help; follow these tips for reducing spider populations on your New Jersey property.


  1. Examine the exterior of your property and look for areas where insects and spiders may be entering. Check around where utility cables and pipes enter the home, filling any gaps to eliminate entry points.
  2. Trim bushes and trees back away from your home; these can create a bridge that allows insects and spiders into your home.
  3. Check screens over windows and doors to make sure they are free from snares. If you notice any areas where the mesh isn’t fully intact, either patch it up or replace the entire screen to keep pests out.
  4. Reduce areas of clutter so that insects and spiders have fewer places to hide.
  5. Clean up spider webs whenever you see them to deter spider activity.


These simple spider prevention tips can help you avoid common spiders in NJ as well as poisonous spiders in NJ that are trying to get into your home. If it’s too late for you and spiders have already found their way into your home, the professionals at ChemTec can help. With our GreenTec Home Pest Protection program your home will remain free from a wide variety of pests, including spiders. This home pest control program is guaranteed effective throughout the year, offering careful inspection services, preventative measures, management reports, free emergency response as well as a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our services.


For home pest control, New Jersey natives recommend ChemTec Pest Control. We’ve been protecting homes in the area since 1931 and as a family owned and operated business, our focus is on keeping our customers satisfied and responding quickly to their needs. Give us a call today to find out why so many people have already chosen ChemTec to reduce spider populations inside their New Jersey properties already this year and see why you should choose us too!