Every forest is important to our earth’s ecosystem. Even our local NJ forest makes a difference to the ecosystem. When foreign insect invaders make their way into our forest it can start to change the entire forest. Every forest has its own ecosystem that supports animals, plants and insects. Take away or add a new insect and the changes can be more drastic then you think. It may even lead to the extinction of a certain plant, insect or animal.

There are two new foreign insects found in New Jersey forests, the emerald ash borer and the Asian long horned beetle. Both of these insects are known for being very destructive to certain trees.

Emerald Ash Borer:

These insects have killed tens of millions of ash trees in the United States and Canada since 2002. They were recently found in New Jersey in 2014. These tiny pests are about a half an inch long and an emerald green color. Female beetles lay their eggs on the ash trees. The larva will borrow into the tree cutting off the trees fluid and nutrients eventually killing the tree.

Asian Long Horned Beetle:

Thousands of trees in the United States have been killed by these beetles. These small beetles grow to one and half inches long. They have shiny black bodies with white spots. These beetles borrow into the heartwood of a tree to feed on it, eventually killing the tree.

The best defense we can take against these foreign insect invaders is to educate one another about the threat and to notify the local Department of Agriculture if you have any sightings of these pests. For more information and links about this infestation check out the link below:


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