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Why Rodent Problems in Morris County Should Be Left to Professionals

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No one likes the idea of rodents getting into their Morris County home, but for too many people in the area, it becomes an unpleasant reality that they have to deal with. This time of year especially, as fall prepares to give way to winter, rodents are particularly motivated to find a warm place to live.

All summer, rodents were content outside. The weather was warm enough for them to nest comfortably in the outdoors, and food sources were plentiful. Once fall arrived, however, things began to change. Sleeping is not as pleasant when the temperatures get cold, and eating gets more difficult when the bounty of summer begins to dry up.

Chatham and Madison homes offer both the warmth and the food supplies that rodents need to comfortably survive the winter months, and they have no moral dilemma with breaking in and making themselves at home, no matter how unwelcome they may be.

If you live in Morris County, your home may be at risk of invasion by mice, rats, chipmunks, or squirrels. Besides being a nuisance, these pests can cause very real problems for homeowners.

Problems Rodents Cause

  • Rodents damage property. They nibble constantly. If they get into your house, they’ll nibble on whatever they can find. That means your possessions may be destroyed, your walls may have holes chewed in them, and even important structural beams could be compromised.
  • Rodents cause fire hazards. Along with damaging other parts of your house, rodents can also chew on electrical wiring. Damaged wires can spark fires, causing a serious risk for your home and your family.
  • Rodents carry diseases. Not only can they transmit diseases through bites, but they also contaminate the areas they walk on and leave contaminated waste products behind. If they travel around your home, you could get sick from food or dishes that they have come in contact with.
  • Rodents introduce other pests. Rodents are often carriers of other pests, such as ticks and fleas. If they get into your home, so will these parasites, and it’s likely that these also will breed and grow in number in your house.

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Eliminate a Rodent Problem on Your Own

If you discover a rodent infestation in your home, you may be tempted to try to eliminate the problem on your own. Unfortunately, this is more difficult than you would expect.

First of all, rodents are quite good at avoiding traps. They are very cautious creatures and will dash off at the first sign of trouble. If you don’t put the traps in just the right place, they won’t risk inspecting them. They’re also sometimes able to jump out of the way of a triggered trap in time to avoid it.

Rodents have very good senses of smell. If they catch any of your scent on the trap, they won’t go near it. They can also smell if another rodent was previously caught in the trap, which is a sign to them to avoid it.

The places rodents hide also make them difficult to eliminate. They get into spots that the typical homeowner is not going to be able to get to, such as inside wall voids and between floors.

Finally, rodents can be dangerous. While their primary instinct may be to hide, if they feel threatened, they will attack, which will leave you open to serious injury and illness.

What to Do Instead

Instead of trying a dangerous treatment that is unlikely to work, it’s best to have professional pest control experts handle the problem. ChemTec Pest Control has trained specialists who can identify, treat, and eliminate your rodent problem as well as help you prevent future infestations. Give us a call for a no-obligation inspection.

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