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Why Carpenter Ants Are Still Eating into Homes in Morris County

carpenter ant on a piece of tree bark

Carpenter ants are far different than other types of nuisance ants in that they can cause considerable damage to Morris County homes. While some ants may start to die off with the cooler months of fall approaching, carpenter ants are the exception. It’s important for Chatham residents to continue to be diligent in looking for the signs of carpenter ants as fall arrives.

Carpenter Ants vs. Nuisance Ants

Nuisance ants like pharaoh ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, and little black ants can be problematic as they may cause food contamination, attract other pests to your home, or bite. However, other than that, they generally don’t carry disease or cause tremendous amounts of damage to Madison homes.

Carpenter ants, on the other hand, can cause expensive damage to your home as they establish their colonies in your wood and tunnel through your support structures as they do so. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood the way termites do but they can still cause just as much damage since their colonies can number in the thousands and their constant burrowing and tunneling can destroy any wood they inhabit.

Carpenter Ants and their Damage

Unlike the ants mentioned above that tend to become sluggish and find ways to wait out the winter, carpenter ants can stay active in your home year-round. As ants are cold-blooded, their body temperature is dependent on their environment. Carpenter ants who have made their colony inside the wood in your warm home will be able to continue working through the colder months. This can be problematic because there is no relief from their tunneling and continuous destruction of your home.

Year-Round Protection for Year-Round Pests

With carpenter ants being a year-round problem, it only makes sense that a year-round pest control plan would be the best prevention tool. ChemTec Pest Control technicians are the best option for dealing with your Morris County carpenter ant problem. We will get to the root of the problem and eliminate the queen and eradicate the colony. DIY treatments are ineffective because they only catch the ants that you see and not the thousands of ants hiding in your walls and wood.

Call us today to get started with your PestGuard Home Protection Plan. At ChemTec our certified technicians are ready to help you keep your Chatham and Madison homes carpenter ant free this fall and all year round!

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