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Tips To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Restaurant

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A single cockroach sighting in your restaurant can ruin your reputation and cause your business irreparable damages. A cockroach carries with It the idea of uncleanliness, and with good reason. If a health inspector should see a cockroach in the restaurant, he or she can even shut your operation down. People will quickly take to social media to spread the word that your restaurant is dirty, full of cockroaches, and before you know it – fewer people will be coming in and you'll wish you had taken action before that creepy bug marched around your dining room!

5 Steps to Prevent Cockroaches in the Restaurant

Avoiding the long-lasting effects of cockroaches in the restaurant takes the following five steps:

  • Clean the Kitchen - All pests come into human dwellings and commercial buildings in search of food and shelter. Your restaurant kitchen provides everything a cockroach needs. Teach your restaurant staff to clean up as they go – wiping spills as they happen, sweeping up crumbs immediately. Create a cleaning schedule that involves sweeping and mopping a few times a day – making sure to get under appliances, cabinets, and ovens. Remove trash throughout the day as soon as it is full and wash trash bins to remove food residue.

  • Maintain the Dining Room - Food leaves the kitchen and is delivered to your guests in the dining room. Guests may drop food on the floor or spill on tables, so it's important that your staff is cleaning tables with appropriate disinfectants and vacuuming and sweeping under and around tables.

  • Eliminate Entry Points - Examine the exterior of your building and seal any cracks with caulking that roaches and other pests could gain entry to your restaurant.

  • Find and Fix All Leaks - Since cockroaches require water, make sure you don't leave standing water in sinks. If bathroom or kitchen faucets drip, have the faucets replaced to eliminate the constant source of water. Check for any leaking pipes and repair them immediately.

  • Get Routine Pest Control Services - Taking the above steps will decrease your risks for a cockroach infestation, but the risks of having them are so high that you should also have routine pest control services to ensure a pest-free restaurant and successful business.

Commercial Pest Control for Cockroaches

ChemTec will evaluate your restaurant needs for pest control and create a plan for maintaining the pest-free environment your restaurant requires. If you own a restaurant and need routine pest control solutions, give us a call today!

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