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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs This Summer

bed bug found on bed

If you are doing any kind of traveling this summer, whether it is across the globe or just across town, you need to be on the lookout for bed bugs. These tiny pests move around by climbing on your pant cuff, shoe, scarf, or any other personal item and hitch a ride along with you.

While their name is “bed” bug, this can be misleading. Bed bugs do not just live in and around beds, they also frequent bus seats, libraries, laundromats, hospitals, malls, and private homes. They can be found on planes, ocean liners, and in cabs. They can be anywhere that humans frequent; but the most notable place to find bed bugs as you travel is at the hotel, motel, or resort. Think about it. So many people from all around the world moving in and out of the same building – it’s simply a matter of statistics - the more traveling people, the more chances for bed bugs to sneak in.

If you want to avoid bed bugs as you travel this summer, there are a few tips to include in your plans that can help. Let’s look at the top five tips to avoid bed bugs while on vacation.

  • Be aware as you travel – While you are on your way to or from your destination, make sure to keep your eyes open. Look for bed bugs in the seams of seats as you travel, and look for shed skin casings, blood droplets, or brown feces flecks.

  • Search before you stay – When you get to your destination, make sure to search your room before you bring your luggage in. Use a flashlight to check the corners of dresser drawers, the hidden nooks inside the closet area, and along the edges of walls. Flip back the sheets and blankets and check the seams of the mattress, especially around the headboard. Look at the linen for signs of blood droplets or feces stains. If you do find any sign of bed bug infestation, be sure to inform the front desk and switch to a room that is not adjacent to the infested room. Remember, bed bugs infest private homes too, so even when staying with a relative or friend, you should do a quick search of your room.

  • Don’t unpack – If your room seems clear of bed bugs and you decide to stay, bring your luggage in but do not put them in the dresser. Only unpack the clothes that you will be wearing on any specific day, leaving the rest secured in sealed plastic bags. Also be sure to keep your suitcase off the ground, utilizing the luggage rack is a great idea.

  • Wash your clothing – When you return home, do not unpack inside your home. Examine your clothes for bed bugs outside the home and then wash and dry the clothes on the hottest settings.

  • Vacuum – Cleaning your luggage is one of the most important steps. Bed bugs can tuck into the seams and crannies of your luggage easily. Vacuum thoroughly, wipe clean, and completely dry before storing your luggage in a sealed plastic bag.

Even with your best efforts in following these tips, you may still wind up bringing tiny bed bugs home with you from your vacation; and if you do, make sure to call the professionals at ChemTec Pest Control. We can accurately identify a bed bug infestation and discover all the hidden places where these elusive pests are hanging out in your home. We offer environmentally sound solutions to quickly and discreetly evict bed bugs, giving you back your home and your sanity. To learn more about our effective bed bug services or our year round control and proactive bed bug prevention services, contact us today.

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