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Protecting Your Lawn Has Never Been So Easy

new jersey home with perfect lawn

Everyone has the desire to look out on their property and see a lush green lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood. With a lawn like that comes a lot of time, effort, and expense. Or does it? With one phone call to ChemTec Pest Control, you can have a lawn that is worthy of a magazine spread. The lawn care program has several options to suit your family’s lifestyle and will have your home being the talk of the neighborhood in no time.

In general, keeping a well-tended lawn can be a lot of work. As if mowing wasn’t tedious enough, taking the time to fertilize, worry about lawn pests, deal with weeds and more is all very time-consuming. What if you could take one aspect of lawn care off your plate? The professionals at ChemTec Pest Control are experts at lawn care nutrition.  

There are two types of lawn care programs you can choose from:

  • All-Green Lawn & Nutrition Program gives you the lush green lawn that you are looking for without the use of weed killers or insect control. This program uses natural fertilizers and calcium to help your lawn develop a strong root system and the look of a full green bed of carpet. 

  • Green Plus Lawn & Shrub Nutrition is a weed and insect control system that does double duty to enhance the health and growth of your lawn. Pesky critters and unsightly weeds will be controlled with this program.

No matter which program you choose you will be treated to seven visits tailored to the season and needs of your lawn. In early spring the ph will be balanced for a quick green up and by winter you’ll get a fertilizer application that will help your lawn stay healthy during the dormant months.  

You might be wondering why a pest control company is the best choice for your lawn care, and the answer is simple. ChemTec Pest Control experts understand how all bugs, rodents, and other pests affect your property. We are knowledgeable in methods that naturally prevent pests from invading your yard and can use that knowledge in combating issues with your lawn. The innovative way that ChemTec takes care of your lawn makes us the best choice for your lawn care, whether you are hiring just for your lawn or as part of your comprehensive pest control plan

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