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Keeping Common New Jersey Spiders Out of Your Essex Home This Fall

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When it comes to spiders, there is much that makes each kind unique. Some are hairy, some are smooth. Some are big, some are small. Some walk, some jump (ugh). Some are harmless and some are poisonous.

If you live in Essex County, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the types of spiders that reside in the towns of Livingston, Glen Ridge, Montclair, Caldwell, Essex Fells, and Roseland, as this will help you to know what you’re dealing with if and when you find spiders in your home.

There are four common spiders found in Essex County:

House Spiders

House Spiders are the small, light-colored spiders you often find in the corners of the ceilings and floors of your home. The good news about House Spiders is that they are harmless. They won’t hurt you and they don’t cause any real damage. The bad news about house spiders is that they’re a nuisance, building webs and then abandoning them all over your Essex County home.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders are large and dark-colored, so you may be startled when you first encounter one. However, you can rest assured that they are harmless. Despite their intimidating name, Wolf Spiders aren’t aggressive or dangerous. They’re called wolf spiders because, like wolves, they hunt their prey, instead of catching it in webs like most spiders. Despite the fact that they aren’t dangerous, they are not a creature you want living in your home.

Black Widow Spiders

Black Widows are black, shiny, and have an hourglass design on their bodies. They are a spider that you definitely don’t want in your home. Although they are not aggressive, their bites are poisonous and often require medical attention. Black widows prefer secluded spots in which to live, which means they’ll often find homes in little-used storage areas. This does not pose a problem until you retrieve something from your storage area and accidentally disturb the black widow. If this spider feels threatened, it will bite.

Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown Recluse Spiders are brown with a violin-shaped pattern on their bodies. As their name suggests, they are reclusive, preferring to hide away rather than be out in the open. Like Black Widows, they are not aggressive, but will bite when threatened. Their bites are bad news, causing serious tissue damage around the area of the bite that can take months to heal.

How Spiders Get Into Your Essex County Home

Spiders are common in nature, but as the weather gets colder they begin to look for shelter inside. Your home is a perfect location. It is warm, it probably provides a decent food source, and it’s most likely easy to access.

Spiders need only a small opening to gain access to your home and, once they find it, they’ll be able to set up shop, making themselves at home and quickly adding to their numbers.

How to Prevent Spiders From Getting Into Your Essex County Home

In order to keep spiders out, take a careful look around the perimeter of your home. Any gaps around windows or doors are an easy entry-point for spiders. Holes in screens also provide a way inside. Also look for cracks in the foundation, damage to siding, and openings in vents. Be sure to seal any cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps you discover around your home upon inspection.

A very effective way to prevent spiders from entering your home is to get professional pest control treatments from ChemTec Pest Control. We provide year-round control, as well as eliminate any current spider problems you are experiencing with treatments that are both natural and organic.

Keep spiders outside where they belong with ChemTec’s help. Give us a call today for more information.

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