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How to Identify Insects from Their Bites

Bug bites are part of summer. Sometimes you know what’s biting you; for instance, when you see a mosquito light on your arm before you give it a swat. But sometimes itchy red bumps appear and you have no idea what caused them. Many insect bites have a roughly similar appearance – red, itchy bumps or hives – but some insect bites have distinguishing characteristics that can be used to identify their source. Northern New Jersey residents shouldn’t just shrug off insect bites. While most are caused by harmless nuisance pests like mosquitoes, some bites indicate a harmful insect infestation, particularly if new bites are discovered several days in a row. Bug bite patterns are just one of many clues NJ pest control firms use to determine what’s biting you and how to eliminate the pest from your home.

Today we continue our May 21 post on identifying insect bites:

Fleas are brought into New Jersey homes by household pets. When roaming outdoors, dogs and cats can pick up fleas deposited by squirrels and other wild animals. Fleas live on their animal host but will bite humans when indoor infestations become large. Agile jumpers, flea bites are most often found on the leg between the ankle and knee.

Bed bugs creep out of hiding places during the night to feed on the blood of their human hosts. A growing problem in New Jersey and throughout the U.S., bed bugs often leave rows or tight groupings of 3 bites. Bed bug bites itch intensely, although not everyone reacts to their bites. If you wake up every morning with new bites, you should immediately have your home inspected for bed bugs by an experienced NJ bed bug control expert. Early treatment is the best way to prevent bed bugs from spreading throughout your home.

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