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How Mice and Rats Get Into Union Country Attic Spaces

rodent in union county home

Keeping your Union County home protected from rodent invaders is probably not always the first thing on your mind every day. We all have jobs to do, things to take care of, and stuff that needs to get done on a daily basis, so it’s not surprising that many of us forget to take the proper time to keep our homes protected from rats and mice. After all, what harm can a tiny little rodent do to our home anyway?

How Mice and Rats Get In

As it turns out, rodents such as mice and rats can actually do quite a bit of damage to homes if they get inside. Some of the most commonly invaded areas in a home tend to be in attic spaces and insulation pockets. Rats or mice looking to invade will often seek out a spot that is secluded from your living activity, warm, not frequently visited, and that has enough room to roam around in. This makes spaces like attics and areas of insulation a hotspot for these rodents. A small mouse or rat infestation could go unnoticed for quite a while, only to be discovered once the infestation has become more extensive.

Damage Mice and Rats Cause for Homeowners 

Having a mouse or rat infestation in your attic and insulation can leave behind several unappealing and irritating problems for your home. Here are a few problems these rodents can cause:

  • Insulation is often torn up and moved around to use as nesting material. This can result in a loss of heat from your home and may increase your electricity bill, as your air conditioning unit must work harder to keep your home at the desired temperature.
  • Urine and feces left by these rodents can create water damage with enough build up. This may cause your attic space to smell.
  • Rats and mice constantly chew on things to keep their teeth worn down. Wiring, piping, and wooden structural beams are common targets, leading to problems such as water damage and fire hazards. 

No matter where you live in Union County, whether it’s Summit, New Providence, Westfield, or Cranford, pest control management is a must.

Keeping Rodents Out of Your Union County Home

Rodents in your Union County home is not something you want to worry about. Due to the nature of mice and rats, it can be hard to keep them out of your home. These rodents often invade our attics or insulation pockets through cracks and gaps around air vents, windows, and loose roofing. However, with all the ways that these vile creatures can get in, it is always smart to take preventative measures to keep them out.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent their entry into your home:

  • Seal any gaps or cracks in your foundation, roofing, and exterior walls. Even tiny cracks must be filled in order to keep mice out.
    Both rats and mice prefer homes with food sources. Keep food sealed in airtight containers, store pet food inside overnight, and make sure your trash bins are properly sealed.
  • Trim back hedges, trees, long grass, and other vegetation from the exterior of your home to reduce areas where rodents or other pests can hide.
  • Keep the interior and exterior of your home clutter-free by picking up boxes, papers, children’s toys, books, or lawn maintenance equipment. Store them away in their proper places.
  • Repair leaking pipes and faucets to reduce moisture levels in your home, eliminating water sources for mice and rats that want to stay in your attic.

How to Get Rid of Rodents 

Taking these precautionary measures is a great place to start, but the best solution to keeping your home pest free is to contact a professional pest control team. ChemTec Pest Control offers highly advanced methods of pest removal, ensuring that your home stays safe from wildlife pests of all shapes and sizes.

If mice and rats are a problem in your home, our rodent control specialists will be able to find and remove nesting locations in no time at all. Contact ChemTec to keep your home free of pests all year long.

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