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Fall Mice Prevention Tips

mouse hiding in new jersey kitchen

As the colder months approach, our homes are going to be under serious attack. You might not even realize it until it’s too late. Cool days and colder nights are sending us indoors, but are also driving pests such as mice into the shelter of our commercial buildings, homes, garages, and sheds. These frustratingly resourceful rodents are readying their nests for the long winter to come and gathering up a bit of a food store. However, that food will eventually run out, and once sustenance is difficult to find in areas unoccupied by humans, mice go from relatively harmless neighbors to downright dangerous intruders.

Mice Cause Serious Damage

The looming infestations mice bring about will cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage to United States homes this winter. Mice will burrow into our foundations, nest in our attics, and chew up whatever they think might be a source of food in our homes while we sleep at night. A single mouse can consume up to five pounds of material each week! Once actual food becomes extremely scarce, the mice decide to go after materials they normally ignore. Wooden beams, plastics, rubbers, paper, and even concrete have been known to be a source of temporary sustenance. All of this has the chance of damaging valued keepsakes, furniture, insulation, even structural members of the house, and the problem will only get worse with time, so the best thing you can do is to prevent the mice from causing harm to your property before winter even starts.

What Other Dangers do Mice Pose?

Added to the ominous fact that mice can seriously devalue and even destroy a home, is the reality that they pose an even more serious risk to both humans and pets alike. Mice often carry disease, and while they’re not typically aggressive, they certainly can be. If a mouse is cornered or feels threatened by one of our pets, they’ve been known to scratch and run. That scratch is enough to pass a disease to our pets. Additionally, mice have also been known to get rabies. It’s probably a good idea to hire a professional to come in and assist with a nest removal, if only for the equipment they will bring to protect themselves as they work to rid the space of pests. Lastly, excrement. Mice will crawl through your food, drawers, and cupboards searching for the next meal, and when they have to "go," they leave signs of their presence wherever they go. If you accidentally ingest fecal matter from mice, it can lead to serious sickness. Many people think mice are cute, but the risks they pose as intruders from the wild are serious.

Prevention Tips and Tricks

There are things that you can do to help prevent mice from taking up residence in your home or business.  Here are a few ideas to keep rodents from taking over your property this year:

  • Clean. Everybody has heard of the phrase “spring cleaning” but have you ever considered autumn cleaning? We’ve had really busy summers with vacations, family BBQs, weddings, and home improvement projects. Think about this summer’s accumulation of leftover stuff that you don’t need lying around your property. Anything you’ve got laying around can provide food or shelter for mice.

  • Buy over the counter traps. There is no better method to catch a mouse or rat than the tried and true mouse trap. Even the cheapest of mouse traps will still capture and kill a rodent. Be sure to lay them in places your pets and children will not access like inside high cabinets or in your attic.

  • Sign up for a prevention plan. ChemTec Pest Control will be happy to provide you with services in a comprehensive prevention plan. We’ve been keeping homes and businesses rodents free for years and would be happy to add you to our ever-growing list of happy customers. Oftentimes an infestation can be hard to control due to the speed at which mice breed, but with ChemTec's help you can settle in for the winter knowing no furry menace will disrupt the coming days.

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