When you ask the internet to show you pictures of bed bugs, you’re not just going to get pictures of bugs. Sure, there are pictures of bed bugs all by themselves. Lots of them. But, the vast majority of bed bug pictures show more than just the bugs. They contain other visual information that can actually help you figure out if you have these elusive blood-eating pests in your home.

Rashy Bites

Some pictures on the internet of “bed bugs” aren’t bed bugs at all; they are just pictures of people who have been bitten by bed bugs. But don’t be quick to pass it by because it doesn’t have a bug in it. One of the best ways to know whether or not you have bed bugs infesting your home is to know what a bed bug bite looks like. It may seem like the last thing you want as an indicator, but knowing what bites look like can prevent an infestation from continuing undetected. So when you see a picture of bed bug bites, stop and take a close look.

Blood Stains

Some pictures of “bed bugs” are of mattresses, furniture, or sheets that have brown-colored staining. Those stains are dried blood. If you’re seeing these kinds of stains on your sheets, pillowcases, mattresses or upholstered furniture, you should recognize those stains for what they are.

Insect Parts

Bed bugs go through 5 instars (development stages) and shed their cuticles (skin) each time. That is why you’ll often see lots of insect parts in pictures of bed bugs.

Feces Stains

Bed bugs leave their feces everywhere they go. They will leave them in the seams of your mattresses, the stitching on your furniture, as streaks on your sheets and pillowcases, and as dark marks on your baseboards and outlet covers if they are living in your wall voids. It is a good idea to learn what bed bug droppings and fecal stains look like.

Infested Items

Those bed bug pictures will usually have household items in them. It is important to pay attention to these because they show where bed bugs like to live. You’ll most often see mattresses, upholstered furniture, and baseboards, but bed bugs can live in all kinds of places. Some places you wouldn’t even imagine, like computers and alarm clocks.


Sometimes, pictures of bed bugs will contain something that allows you to see the scale of these insects. These are tiny bugs. Knowing what size they are can keep you from misidentifying another bug as a bed bug, and help you to understand just how close you have to look if you want to find these little pests.

We’ve put together a quick reference page of images that should help you to recognize bed bugs and signs of infestation when you see them. Jump over to bed bug gallery and take a look. And, of course, if you suspect that you have an issue with bed bugs than give us a call asap. Bed bug problems multiply fast so the sooner you call us, the better!