If you need help getting rid of yellow jackets or other stinging insects, call ChemTec!

Even though you can have a problem with stinging insects anytime during the summer, late summer and mid fall is when yellow jackets and wasps will most likely be found trying to get into your home or business. This year, pest control pros in NJ are already seeing lots of yellow jackets flying around, so it is important to know how to deal with these pests both inside and near your home. One important thing for you to know is that it is a BAD idea to spray a yellow jacket nest with a store bought spray or solution. Although a lot of people like to tackle pest problems in their homes by using DIY (do-it-yourself) solutions, this is not an effective method at getting rid of yellow jackets and can actually pose more dangers to your family than if you left the yellow jackets alone to begin with!


So, what’s the problem with using an insect spray to help you get rid of a yellow jacket nest? Yellow jackets are known for being pretty aggressive insects, especially when disturbed. When a yellow jacket nest is attacked with a store bought chemical spray, if not done correctly, the results will most likely worsen the problem at hand. Instead you are likely to end up with some very angry and very much alive stinging insects.  According to one of ChemTec’s trusted technicians, “The spray will only kill the few it comes in contact with. The ones returning to the nest will fly around the opening, aggressively, until the spray wears off. The ones inside the wall, if they can’t get out, will make their way through the wall and inside the structure. If the customers use the wasp & hornet killer before we arrive, these are the calls that say yellow jackets are all over the inside of the house.”.


Our NJ pest control pros have already seen many cases this year of people trying to kill yellow jackets on their own and the usual result: more aggressive yellow jackets all over the inside of the house. And with stinging insects inside the house, you should be worried! The biggest danger with stinging insects and yellow jackets in particular is that they are capable of stinging more than once. Their stings are painful, can cause redness and swelling and for some people they can be life threatening! Although they are not typically aggressive by nature, if you scare or disturb yellow jackets even on accident, they are likely to deliver a sting. Each year many people are sent to the ER due to allergic reactions from yellow jacket stings.

Although using a spray may seem like a quick and easy way to kill yellow jackets, it most likely will result in a bad scenario! If you have identified a yellow jacket nest or other stinging insect nest on your property and are in need of urgent assistance, in most cases, we can have a technician there the same or very next day to safely and effectively get rid of the insects. For more information or to have your home inspected or treated for stinging insects today, simply give us a shout at ChemTec Pest Control or click here to learn more about our services!