New Jersey schools are currently dealing with a major mouse problem

Mice are everywhere in New Jersey and New York City, and it is not surprising that many schools are experiencing mouse problems. School cafeterias provide a great source of food for mice, and they are the main reason for the infestations. According to the Freedom of Information, a total of 545 cafeterias in NYC schools alone have at least one serious health violation, and signs of mouse infestation are found in more than 30% of these cafeterias.

Manhattan’s Landmark High School is one of the schools that have a very bad mouse problem. Health inspectors found a lot of mouse droppings and a live mouse in a glue trap when they were conducting an inspection at the school. A representative from the Center of Science and Public Interest, Sarah Kline, said that mouse droppings are not only disgusting, but they can be dangerous to the human health if they somehow get into food, and the schools are not taking the proper measures to ensure food safety. It is known that mice are carriers of diseases, and they can cause a variety of health problems, including salmonella, hantavirus, and Lyme disease. This makes them a serious threat to the health of kids in schools.

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