In northern New Jersey, mice and rats don’t generally pose too great a problem for home owners until fall when the weather turns cold and outdoor food supplies begin to dwindle. That’s when mice and rats start to migrate indoors in search of warm shelter and new food supplies. Unfortunately, this summer’s exceptionally hot weather is causing a change in rodent behavior, forcing mice and rats indoors earlier than usual to escape the heat, not the cold.

NJ pest control experts are seeing mice and rat invasions of northern New Jersey homes and garages more than a month earlier than normal due to prolonged high temperatures and limited rainfall. As temperatures continue to hover in the 90s, rats and mice are being forced indoors both to escape the heat and to find new food and water supplies as parched plants shrivel and water sources evaporate.

In an interview with CBS New York last week, Dr. Changlu Wang, an urban entomologist at Rutgers University, joined NJ pest control professionals in advising northern New Jersey residents to rodent-proof their homes now. Homes and garages should be inspected for any holes or openings that may allow these disease-spreading pests to enter. Rats can squeeze through an opening the size of a quarter; and mice, through a dime-sized hole. Any holes should be thoroughly sealed to prevent rodent entry. Special attention should be paid to any pipe and vent exits, including sump pumps, dryer vents and utility pipes. Over time, seals can become cracked or crumble, allowing mice and rats to gain entry to your New Jersey home.

A licensed New Jersey pest control company, like ChemTec Pest Control, can inspect your home to identify and block possible rodent entry points. If mice or rats do invade, NJ rodent control experts can use baits and/or traps to remove the threat of these dangerous pests from your home.