We call them “Lady Bugs,” but the small, round flying insects with the brightly colored spotted shells are actually Asian Lady Beetles, sometimes called Asian Ladybird Beetles. This has been a particularly prolific year for these insects, and New Jersey pest control firms have been fielding numerous complaints of large swarms of beetles covering the siding and roofs of buildings in Bergen County. Exterior pest control treatment by a licensed northern New Jersey pest control company before these beetles manage to creep inside your home or commercial building is the most effective pest control method available.

New Jersey pest control experts say the beetles were introduced into New Jersey in the 1970s and 1980s by farmers and home gardeners seeking an environmentally-friendly, natural pest control. Distinguishable from New Jersey’s native red lady bugs by their pumpkin color, Asian lady beetles adapted easily to northern New Jersey’s temperate climate and quickly overwhelmed native lady bug populations.

Asian lady beetles spend their summers outdoors feasting on aphids and other tiny insects. In the fall, they can be found congregating on light-colored, sunny walls, sometimes by the hundreds of thousands. Particularly bad infestations can completely coat large portions of exterior walls or closely cover tree branches. Covered objects may appear to move eerily as the insects mill about searching for a way inside. These colorful beetles spend the winter inside buildings, hiding in wall voids, under siding and inside roof soffits. They emerge in the spring when these prolific insects again present a nuisance for northern New Jersey home and business owners as they congregate on sunny walls and windows seeking a way back outside.

While not considered harmful, Asian ladybeetles can bite and do release a foul, pungent odor when disturbed. Large swarms can stain walls, wallpaper and fabric with blood and feces. The best way to remove these pests from inside your home is to vacuum them up.  If you have a problem with lady bugs in your home, contact ChemTec Pest Control today!