Let’s talk ants! Yes, that’s right, we are going to talk about ants in your house while it is still winter!  You see ants are not just a summer pest problem; they can be a problem for homeowners all year-long, even smack dab in the middle of a New Jersey winter!  ChemTec Pest Control wants to provide you with the information you need to protect your home against these foraging pesky pests, especially during the winter season!
Let’s begin with what it means if you wake up for that morning cup of coffee and find ants in your kitchen this winter?  Well, it means that you probably have overwintering ants behind your home’s walls, underneath its floors, or in its crawl spaces.  If you find ants in your kitchen this winter, it may be tempting to go to the store and get some ant spray to get rid of the ants you are seeing, but we can assure you that this really is not a good idea.
DIY ant control is something that some people choose to do, but DIY pest control often causes many more problems than it actually fixes.  First, you are only killing the few ants you see, not the potentially hundreds or thousands living hidden in your home.  Second, you aren’t identifying the species of ant that is invading your home which could make a huge difference in the treatment that should be used. Third, the over-the-counter products may panic the colony and cause it to divide and relocate; meaning now instead of one colony you have several living in your home.  Finally, you aren’t solving the most important problem… why the ants are in your home in the first place!
If you have spotted ants wandering through your home this winter, the best things that you can do is contact the ant control experts at ChemTec as quickly as possible.  Our professionals will come to your home and perform an inspection to determine what species of ant is present, where they are nesting, and where they are foraging for food and water.  If it is determined that treatment is needed, they will treat the source of ants directly; this helps to limit the amount of product needed while still providing effective control and getting rid of all the ants in your home.  If previous DIY attempts have been made, the ants will most likely have retreated and will not be active; this means that the technicians will have to treat a wider area of your home with more product to eradicate the ants.
So, after professional treatment all the overwintering ants in your home have been eliminated and you are good to go, right? Wrong!  Ants are a pest problem that really requires a year-round solution to keep them from invading your home and/or property.  When the weather warms again in the spring, outdoor ant colonies become active again, and if the route of your ant problem hasn’t been addressed (due to winter weather conditions), more ants will find their way onto your property and back into your home.
Our PestGuard Home Protection Plan provides quarterly maintenance visits to continuously, safely, and effectively protect against ants and other common pests in your New Jersey home.  This means that no matter what the season or weather, ants and other household pests will not use your home as a place of shelter.
To get help for a current problem with ants or to put into a place a pest protection plan before a problem arises, contact the New Jersey pest control experts at ChemTec Pest Control today!