This question is often confused with another question: “Are pesticides dangerous to children?” But these are two entirely different questions, and require two entirely different answers. Here is what you need to know about pest control and your children.

Pesticides are dangerous to children. The immune system in children is not yet fully developed and is more susceptible to being harmed by pesticides than adults are.

Children, especially small children, have an unsavory habit of picking things up off the floor and putting those items in their mouths. This makes them more at risk for exposure to pesticides, especially if pest poisons are applied by homeowners.

Not all pesticides are created equal. There are many products that are more toxic than others. Companies like Chemtec Pest Control have experts on staff who know which are least toxic and the least amount needed to deal with a pest issue.

A trained professional also knows where to apply pesticides so that children are not exposed.

Chemtec is also on the cutting edge of eco-friendly pest management sciences. Don’t let the “Chem” in our name fool you. Few companies are as committed to green technologies as Chemtec. With organic pest products, children have nothing to fear.  Or rather their parents don’t.

When it is necessary to use pesticides that can be harmful to children and pests, it is important to have a professional administer the products. Pest professionals are required by law to observe all safety measures indicated on products labels. They are also educated in proper application and isolation procedures. They will be sure to clearly mark areas that are unsafe and inform families when there is no longer any risk.

Sometimes it doesn’t take direct contact for a child to be harmed by pesticides. If proper ventilation isn’t used, toxic fumes can poison children and adults alike. Whenever pesticides are needed, it is important to have them administered by a professional.

Pesticides aren’t the only danger your children face. Household pests can cause allergies and worsen asthma symptoms. They pick up harmful bacteria and spread them through homes. And, some pests carry diseases in their bodies. Protecting your family from pests is necessary, but be sure that you don’t replace one danger with another. Contact Chemtec to ensure that eco-friendly solutions will be selected first. And, if chemicals are needed, they will be EPA approved and applied by expert technicians who know the procedures that will keep your children safe.