A question we receive a lot at ChemTec Pest Control is whether or not natural and organic pest control is effective. Many people want to ensure that the pest control solutions that are being used to control pests on their property are “green,” but at the same time, they want to make sure that the problematic pests found living on their property and in their home are completely eliminated. The professionals at ChemTec Pest Control are here to ensure you that yes, natural and organic pest control is very effective and that it will complete its job of eliminating and controlling the pests that have decided to make your home, into their home.

Before we go into the specifics of ChemTec Pest Control’s “green” pest control services, we want to first provide you with a list of some of the many benefits to choosing natural and organic pest control for your property.

  • The peace of mind knowing that you are choosing a safe approach to pest management.
  • Knowing that by using fewer materials to control pests you are reducing your individual impact on the environment.
  • Natural pest control products are typically derived from plant materials and are just as effective at controlling pests as their synthetic equivalent.
  • Through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) pest problems are solved by focusing on the biological needs of pests, exclusion methods, increased sanitation, and education. IPM helps to minimize the use of chemical pest control and therefore reduces risks to people, pets, and the environment.

ChemTec Pest Control is an environmentally conscious company, we all take great pride in helping to minimize any environmental impact that we may cause, including through the use of natural pest control products and solutions. Our natural pest control program provides the following to eliminate and control pests:

  • Insect control through EcoSmart Technologies- This technology involves using a patented blend of botanical oils. The oil’s active ingredient targets and blocks a neurotransmitter receptor site which is only found in invertebrates; quickly eliminating the targeted insects from your home and property.
  • Natural Rodent Control- We can control damaging, disease-spreading mice, rats, groundhogs and other rodents through the eco-friendly use of exclusion methods, environmental changes, trapping.

To learn more about ChemTec’s natural and organic pest control options and how they can work to provide the year-round protection that is needed to control pests in and around your home, get in touch with us today. Our experts would be happy to speak with you and provide you with more information about our “green” solutions to your pest problems.