We have all heard the haunting stories of hotels, homes, and businesses across the country running into bed bug infestations. As the problem of bed bugs continues to spread across the nation, knowledge is power as far as keeping ourselves at a distance from any bed bug problems. But what if you did happen to have a run in with the dreadful bed bugs? Would you know what the bites looked like, or how to treat them? The NJ bed bug experts at ChemTec want their customers as well as all New Jersey residents to be prepared just in case the bed bugs really do bite.

Bed Bug Bites 101

  • After being bit, it can take a week to nine days for the symptoms to show
  • Typically, you will find three bites in a line which is the formation of bed bug bites. Over the course of a few days, they will become swollen and then perhaps turn into a blister before they heal and disappear.
  • Hands, feet, and face are usually more susceptible to bites and to more severe reactions
  • Reactions vary person to person and many people may not ever show symptoms
  • Many doctors can misdiagnose bed bug bites as a skin disease or insect bites
  • Do not scratch the bites as it may lead to the spread of a secondary infection
  • Things such as warm baths and exercise may aggravate bed bug bites
  • Typically an anti-itch cream will be enough to treat the bites unless a severe reaction has occurred in which you may have to see your doctor.

For more information on bed bugs, refer to our previous blog to get the facts you may not have known already. If you do find yourself itching and you have identified what may be bed bug bites, you will want to thoroughly inspect your home immediately for any signs of an infestation. Bed bug removal is a job for the professionals. For residents in New Jersey and the New York service areas who have a bed bug infestation or would like more information on bed bug control services, contact the experts at ChemTec today.