There are a whole host of critters that want to enter your home when the temperature starts to drop. Some common fall invaders are: stink bugs, box elder bugs, lady bugs, spiders, mice and rats. But no two homes are the same. You may fight with spiders and rats, while two streets over they’re fighting with stink bugs, ladybugs and mice. Just as no two homes are the same, no two treatments are the same. ChemTec doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all package. We tailor fit our treatments to your needs. Here are some of the ways we will help you protect your home from fall pests.

  • Home inspection, to identify your specific pests.
  • Caulking and sealing of visible entry points.
  • Offer tips on exclusion methods, like keeping moist areas dry and ventilated.
  • Inspect for mosquito breeding areas, and eradicate eggs before they hatch.
  • Bait and destroy ant and termite colonies.
  • Identify vulnerable areas on your exterior walls, and use a limited and focused amount of EPA approved pesticides, to prevent infiltration.
  • Inspect and remove the hives of stinging insects.
  • Examine and advise on exclusion methods regarding wood piles, swimming pools, and landscaping that promotes insect activity.
  • Provide a written inspection report, and work closely with you to execute measures to arrest current insect and rodent activity.

Fall pest management is only one piece to the puzzle. To keep your home safe from pests, it is important to take part in a year round proactive treatment program. Not only will a year round treatment keep your family and your home safe “before” pests can do harm, it will save you money. Getting bugs and rodents out of a house is much more costly than taking the measure to prevent them in the first place.

Take a look at the GreenTec program offered by ChemTec. Our inspections are thorough, and our reports are a great way to get on track. We’ll show you preventative measures to exclude pests from your home, and offer green solutions that will keep your family safe. And the part people love the most is, the money back guarantee. There is no risk in giving ChemTec a try! Give us a call, and get proactive today.