mouse in the snow

There is nothing more disconcerting than hearing the scratching and pitter patter of feet in your attic at night while you are trying to sleep. Knowing that you have critters running about your home is not comforting for New Jersey homeowners.

Mice and rodents tend to be more active in the late fall and early winter as they scavenge for food and search for a protected nesting place. Your attic can make the perfect indoor home and it’s a common hotspot for mouse activity. You’ll want to take some prevention steps to try to keep mice out. If you aren’t sure how to do that or if what you’ve tried isn’t working, professional help from an experienced pest control technician is a great option.

Mice are More Active in Late Fall and Winter

Food becomes more scarce outdoors as fall ends and winter settles in. Mice will seek a food source wherever they can find one, and this often means your kitchen. Mice aren’t picky. They will eat the crumbs from your toaster trays, a stray cookie that fell to the back of the pantry shelf, and even pet food.

You may think they start to come inside when it’s cold so they can stay warm, but that’s not the case as much as it is to seek shelter and food. Mice can stay warm outdoors, but they can’t stay safe. As the leaves disappear from the trees and plants, and shrubbery dies off, it becomes harder to find nesting spots where they are safe from predators. As these locations become scarce, our attics start to look like a good spot.

Attics are a Hot Spot for Mice

Your attic is typically undisturbed and protected. For this reason, it makes a great spot for mice to hide out and nest. It’s also close enough to your kitchen and a never-ending food supply to make it the perfect place for mice to take up residence.

Mice are good climbers, so getting to your attic is an easy task. Typically, they’ll chew or find their way into your home somewhere near the ground level and then climb up pipes or through the walls to reach your attic space. They chew and gnaw their way through insulation, wood, plastic, sheetrock, and anything else that gets in their way.

Prevention Steps for New Jersey Residents

There are a few things you can do to try to keep mice out of your home:

  • Seal small openings and any entry points such as cracks under doors or around pipes.
  • Keep food secured in airtight containers, especially pet foods and grains.
  • Clean counters, drawers, pantries, bread box – anywhere crumbs and spills may occur.

Professional Help

Mice carry disease and can transmit these diseases to humans through their droppings. It’s important to prevent mice or to get rid of them as soon as you discover them in your home.

The technicians at ChemTec Pest Control will help you to seal up entry points and help to catch and remove any mice or other rodents who have found their way into your home. We recommend ongoing pest control services to help keep mice out. Call us immediately if you suspect a problem with mice in your New Jersey home.