Continuing from Monday…

Fast forward to later that afternoon.  The kids had returned home and everyone was preparing for the afternoon activities.  My friend went downstairs to the playroom to retrieve something and there were three kitties sitting at attention staring in one particular location of the room.  She knew the mouse had made its way downstairs and they were hot on its trail.  Her Persian gave that knowing meow that he always does and kept looking up at the top shelving area of the room.  My girlfriend decided to take a peek and see if the mouse was hiding on the shelf.  She thought she saw movement if only for a fraction of a second.  What she thought she saw scared the daylights out of her.  Sitting among the Polly Pockets and Dr. Seuss books, she thought she saw a snake’s tongue quickly jutting inside its mouth!

One of her children has a couple of pretend snakes so she called her over to see if the “pretend snake” was hers.  Her little girl said “Mommy, it looks like the head, but not like the body.”  Not liking snakes in the least bit, my friend began to scream for help, but only the children were home.  She soon asked them to bring her the phone at which time she frantically called her husband who was shopping at a home improvement store 20 minutes away.  She began screaming telling him that she was pretty sure it was a REAL snake and told him to get home fast.  Afraid that the snake would disappear into their large New Jersey home, she stood nearby and watched to see if it would move.  It never did.  Her husband came home and quickly decided that it was a fake snake.  She then pointed out the black tail dangling down behind the books beneath the cubed shelf.  He climbed on a chair to get a better look.  Not being a snake lover himself, he shot back down off the chair and proclaimed…”It’s real and it’s huge!”  Time to call a NJ snake removal professional too!

Please check back Friday for the conclusion to this story.