It is easy to tell the difference between an earthworm and a millipede when you’re looking at it. But sometimes, people want us to diagnose a problem over the phone. You would be surprised how difficult this can be, even with something as simple as earthworms and millipedes. The conversation looks something like this:


“ChemTec, how can we help?”

“Hi. Yeah. We’ve been having some kind of bug that has been getting into our basement. There’s a lot of them. Can you help us figure out what we have?”

“Sure. Can you describe the bug?”

“Bugs. It’s a lot more than one. There’s a ton of them. They’re all clumped up in the far corner.”

“What do the bugs look like?”

“My husband says they’re millipedes.”


“Yeah. We took a picture of them and looked them up on the internet.

“Do they have legs?”

“I can’t tell. I can only see them from the tops.”

“If they’re millipedes, you should see their legs. They’re all going to have from 40 to 400 legs that shoot straight down from their bodies.”

“They’re all clumped up. I can’t see their legs.”

“Are you sure they’re not earthworms? Earthworms can look like millipedes sometimes.”


“Yes. They can sometimes look like millipedes.”

“Whatever they are, I want them out.”

“We’ll send someone right over.”


If you’re dealing with an unknown pest, we know how much you want to take care of it right away. But we don’t have to figure things out over the phone. ChemTec has one of the quickest service response times of any pest control service in the region. You can call us in the morning and start getting treatments as soon as the afternoon. Our QualityPro certified technicians are standing by to take care of your problem quickly and effectively–no matter what pest you have.